A few of my favorite things right now

Fresh gerber daisies going on week 2 of beauty!
Cuddling with MY little bear.
Pretending to sleep (while wearing 4 layers of clothing on her bottom.)

As it's 85 degrees outside today, I'm sure I will get to enjoy these newly planted pansies and impatiens for quite awhile. We may not have the glorious foliage and snowy mornings of my youth but So Cal rocks for its year round sunshine!

(Thanks everyone for your sweet, supportive comments to my last post. It sure does help to hear that I'm not alone in this!)


grammalouie said...

I am glad you are feeling this gratitude. I am grateful for your gratitude!

Erin said...

Your little bear is ADORABLE.

I'm generally a big Four Seasons person-- we get a good dose of all four here in Missouri. But today I am a little jealous of that sunshine. It's SLEETING here right now. Boo. I am having to physically resist the urge to do more baking.

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