I want to....

I want to watch my youngest daughter eat and not think: LAUNDRY.

I want to look out at our backyard on July 5th, 7 am and not have my first thought be: When, exactly, will we clean this up?

I want to walk into the scene of CG playing Naptime with Z and not think: Yeah, but have you folded the laundry?

I want to ride the "train" at the mall with Z for a Mommy Date and not spend a single second thinking about the germs that are definitely encrusted in its corners.

I want to get on a plane to see far-flung family and not have it be for a memorial service.

I want to change all of these. The last, sadly, is just the way it is. Change the things we can. Accept the things we cannot change, right? (Bleh.)

(See you in a bit.)


Hillary said...

I'm sorry you're traveling for sad reasons, but wish you a safe journey.

Marie Green said...

I do find it funny (not in the ha, ha way) that funerals/memorial services tend to be great places to reconnect with family. Nothing brings people together like weddings and funerals, but there is so much life in between!

Hope your travels are smooth.

And I loved the photos on this post. AND we have that sand/water table. And the picnic table that matches it.

miyoko said...

Ugh. :( Sorry to hear the sad news. Hope you and family are doing OK.

GratefulTwinMom said...

So, so sad about the memorial service. Sending condolences. XOXO

Sarah said...

I think I've had ALL those thoughts at one point or another. Including the memorial service one. Sigh. Hope you have a good, if bittersweet, trip, and I'm very sorry for the reason behind it.

Amy said...

I am sorry to read your sad personal news. My condolences.

Good Enough Mom said...

OK...I know this is not at all the point of your post...but OMG that photo of E is fabulous! That's the best photo EVER! I hope that it can cheer you up...I grapple with all of those wishes, too.

Whimsy said...

So very true.

Thinking of you and sending comforting thoughts your way.

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