Can you tell I never write poetry?

O, Daylight Savings Time
Whose idea was this crime?

You giveth and you taketh away
why can't the hours just be nice and stay?

My clocks won't all be right for weeks
the wake up hour is what really reeks.

I used to think we gained an hour,
now 7 am being 6 tastes so sour.

Of course, the real problem of this is


GratefulTwinMom said...

Ahhh, you've captured my sentiments exactly. Before kids, the hour gained in fall from DST was dreamy. Now it is definitely a cruel joke.

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog for a while.. don't comment often.. However your post today is totally spot on! LOVE IT! Esp. considering my lil dude was up at 5:30 am! So much for getting an extra hour of sleep.... ;)
Have a great week!

Michelle said...

I used to love DST until we had kids. This weekend, our daughter went to stay with the grandparents and I remembered how glorious it is to get that extra hour.

Whimsy said...

My biggest problem this year with DST is that my husband and I are suddenly on TOTALLY DIFFERENT SCHEDULES. He wants to fall asleep at 9pm while I'm still up and wanting to hang out. And he bolts out of bed at 5:30am while I'm still sleeping. I swear I'M the one who didn't get the memo.

B said...

Grrrrr, when does 7 become 7 again? :( 6 is sour indeed!

Craftstress said...
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Craftstress Kira said...

Nobody told Lulu, the dog, either! She's currently whining for dinner an hour early.

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