A Happy Mother's Day

When I remember to breathe and to write and to read
When I dance and I laugh and I see

When I take pics and bake cakes and make messes
When we all dress in our craziest dresses

When I give hugs and hold firm and stay calm
When I slip a finger into one tiny palm

When I get giggles and hugs and "I love you"s
When I give us all an episode of Blue's Clues

When I plant kisses on faces and flowers in pots
When I am thanked for the latest wiping of snot

When we have days full of books and laughter and play
These all make for a Happy Mother's Day


Anonymous said...
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Two Braids said...

love that! The essence of motherhood in a few lyrical lines.

Cortney said...

Sweet. Hope it was a great Mother's Day. :)

twisterfish said...

Very cute! Happy Mother's Day to you!

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