If only it were that simple.

We are in week two of school. I am sitting in a mostly clutter-free living room, the dog asleep at my side. After spending the first hour of E's naptime cleaning, tidying, doing dishes, prepping dinner, paying bills, and emailing, I am here. Sitting in front of my computer.

With a blank screen and a baby monitor hissing the almost silent noises of my used-to-be-a-baby.

I wanted this time to write. I was so looking forward to having this time - the mornings when E's in school and the afternoons when E naps and Z is still in school - to not only get things together in the house but to get things together IN MY LIFE. Chief among the things I wanted to do: write more.

If only it were that simple.

So far I've managed to pack my free time with long overdue doctor's appointments (Pap smear and mole check ahoy!) and assorted house projects. The free hours are much more easily frittered away than I realized.

I wanted to find more space in my day for this blog, but also for bigger things. I have an idea that really excites me for a novel (Ambitious!) and I have written exactly none of it. I have ideas for posts that I could market as a freelancer. I have written none of them.

I will start today. With this blog post.

Hmmm, maybe it is that simple.

(And the toddler, on cue: "Mommyyyyyyy!!!!")

(Inspired by Jennifer at Playgroups are No Place for Children and Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary.)


Kathi said...

It is tough. Our generation was not taught to take pride in housework. The fact your house is more tidy is an important thing. I haven't figured out how to get T to nap while M is at school. I have a brief moment now to do stuff because T is asleep and M has a friend over. But M and said friend are currently trashing the place...

Cortney said...

Well, I'm just impressed with how much you DID finish! I have been wasting my few hrs of free time every day. Too tired and uninspired to tackle some big jobs and worn out and bored with cleaning the kitchen one.more.time.

B said...

I am so in the same boat. I thought now that both girls are in school I could finally take on more work projects than my own home renovations (which have been dragging on since MAY). I keep thinking things like "Next week when the construction is over and done with..." and "In a few weeks when the Jewish holidays have passed and I'm no longer a slave to the kitchen..." Umm, no, then I will have a newborn home with me all day every day for 2 years. At least I met with my web designer last week :/.

If you ever do find time to write a novel I would LOVE to read it!

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