The Mommy Potty Book

(With thanks and apologies to Joanna Cole and the Parenting with Crappy Pictures blog, both of which are inspiring and brilliant in totally different ways.)


Stephanie said...

OMG. This is hilarious. I guess the benefit (?) of two c-sections is that this is NOT my life, but thanks for the glimpse!

Sarah said...

Oh.My.Gosh. Usually I come here and cry from your touching entries, but today I am crying laughing. Oh, and peeing just a little, of course.

grammalouie said...

How about a "Gramma Potty Book" for those of us who have dealt with this problem for many years.
Kind of hard for folks to talk about, and maybe it's time to get this subject out of the closet.
Because no one much talks about this, the fact that it's a widespread issue is not well known. But it is widespread, I've discovered.
Sisters, unite!

Dani said...

Laughed out Loud!

grammalouie, I was just thinking this the other day, when I saw Whoopi Goldberg on a commercial for Poise.

I signed up for my free Poise sample & received it in the mail just the other day. And I'm not even 30 yet.... ;-) Let's just say I could definitely relate to this!

pamela said...

You are so fabulous!! I thought it was just me. Thank you! After two (LARGE) babies, I pee almost every time I run. Awful. Kegels be damned.:)

twisterfish said...

Coming out of the closet (or shall I say out of the bathroom): I had surgery to repair my problem last year. Because no one talks about it, I didn't know what was happening wasn't normal... I just thought everyone who has had babies would pee when they stood up/laughed/sneezed/cried/walked up stairs/crossed their legs/moved/etc. Kegels might be fine before the problem gets bad, or if it's minor, but you can get to a no turning back point, as I did.

Nik-Nak said...

HA! That is way too funny!! (But I didn't/don't pee after my kid...is this a common occurance after having babies?)

Shannon said...

So funny! So true! The first time it happened to me was in a school gym with my then 2 year old son (now 5) as all the mommies and kids ran and skipped and played. I picked up a skipping rope, began to jump with glee when suddenly - WHOOOSH! Oh My God... was that???

When my son wants to play tag at the park and I haven't JUST gone pee, I have to say: "Honey I can't right now."
He says "Why not?"
My reply: "Because Mommy will pee her pants if I run."
His reply: "Oh."

Sad Sad Sad.

I think you're really onto a good book series here! Love it.

Bobbie said...

peeing is normal. Peeing is part of having a body. I am with grammalouie (I am her sister, after all!) - we should unite! Not that it's great to pee in public, but let's not be so embarrassed, or outraged, and come out of the closet, or bathroom, or whatever, and get some really good pantiliners and get on with life: dance on the table, run and laugh and burp and hiccup and giggle and pee be damned!!! You going to let a little wet pee run your life???

Doing My Best said...

I thought of this post this evening, when I was trying to pull a giant weed out of my garden and ended up wetting myself, sigh. WEEDING! Who would have thought? JUST! CAN'T! WIN!

Rebecca said...

LOVED THIS! Finally getting to cmment because I got on my computer and off my phone. But I have to say THANK YOU for this and for all the comments everyone else left behind. After five pregnancies and three births this is DEFINITELY true for me!

When I started playing camogie again in downtown DC with all the 20 somethings who've not had any babies, I was soooo embarrased to find this happening to me everytime we'd run laps, do jumpingjacks (THE WORST!), etc as a team. Had to wear dark shorts and bring change of shorts and underwear so I wouldn't stink like stale urine when everyone went out the pub after practice! Smelly sweat was fine, but pee???? I don't think so.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs! And twisterfish - I'm gonna seek you out about that surgery.

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