My parents came to visit for Z's sixth birthday blowout. It was lovely having them here, as usual, and my mom was especially helpful to me as she is unparalleled as both a dishwasher and "Let's Play FAMILY!" playmate.

At the end of their time here, my mom joined us for our Sunday afternoon kite-flying. She watched at first, cheering on her granddaughters efforts like the proud grandma she is.

When Z offered her a turn to fly the kite and she demurred, saying "No thanks, I'm too old for that."

And a few seconds later, she muttered, "AHRG, I'm not THAT old,"and took off running with the kite.

I've never been more proud of her.

She continues to inspire me as both a mother and a woman and I am sad that her birthday lands on Mother's Day this year as it makes it harder to celebrate her separately as both.

Oh well, Happy Birthday AND Happy Mother's Day Mom. You are the spriteliest 70 year old I know.

I didn't get a picture of her flying the kite, but man, is the image ever burned into my brain.


twisterfish said...

Ahhhh... Happy birthday to you mom! And happy mother's day to both of you!

grammalouie said...

So can we go kite flying again this weekend??

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