40 for 40 - so far so lame

Some of you may remember that I made a list a while back: 40 things I want to do by my 40th birthday this fall. I've been alternately thinking of ways to burn through the list and WAYS TO BURN THE LIST.

Yes, it seem I have a wee bit of anxiety about this list. I want to do them TODAY so I can cross them off . I wrote them down after all!

Let's see how I've been doing on this thing, shall we?

1.  Take a hike on the Appalachian Trail.  It's close by!  I've driven by it!  And waved! 
That's a negative. I haven't even waved at it lately.

2.  Submit writing to three different places, web or print.
Done! And I heard nothing. Weee!

3.  Go out dancing (any kind!) with my husband.
Not. :-(

4.  Visit an art museum in DC with the girls (I'll be sure to warn all you local folks so you can steer clear).
I did this! When my parents were visiting in the Spring, we went to the Hirshhorn Museum in DC and it was perfect. Small, experiential, fun. Only slightly difficult to keep E from trying to climb the sculptures. It was thrilling to see some actual, real, live art like some kind of grown-up type person.

That's my mom and E, who's running (QUELLE SURPISE), in the super awesome Suprasensorial exhibit at the Hirshhorn.
5.  Take the girls on a new hike.
Done! The girls and I went to Great Falls to hike around which was fun. Until E decided that she was terrified of ants and wanted to be carried everywhere. Then: not so fun.

6.  Take a new exercise class.
I took something called Body Pump. I was very, very sore afterward. I do/don't recommend it.

7.  Hold a freestanding headstand.
This, right here, is going to be my downfall, I think. I don't think a freestanding headstand will happen. A few months ago, I read "The Science of Yoga" and the author had a few choice cautionary words about headstands and plow and the pressure that both these poses place on the cervical vertebrae. Since I've had numerous neck injuries, I decided to opt out of headstands for awhile. Hmmm, perhaps I'll work on my handstand instead?

8.  Hold a family fire drill.
I wrote this one because Z was in phase where she was terrified of fire in any form - and house fires in particular -  and I thought it might help her to know what she should do in the case of an actual fire in our home. Now that she's calmed down a bit about this fear, I lost the motivation, but I'll try to get back to this one.

9.  Volunteer my time.  Somewhere.
Yeah. Not yet. I'm wondering if I can volunteer for Obama without having to a. knock of any doors or b. talk on any phones. Stuff envelopes? Fervently pray?

10.  Go waterskiing again. 
This summer! Vermont! Planning on it! But I can't cross it off yet.

11.  Take the girls on a hike to see my favorite waterfalls this summer in Vermont.
This summer! Vermont! ETC.!

12.  Start a baby clothes quilt (or just donate the freaking baby clothes already.)
Oh right. This one. I have an idea for how this will work but I have yet to do any of it. Pfft.

13.  Drive to West Virginia. It's so close! I've never been!

14.  Show our girls the Atlantic Ocean.  They've never seen it from this coast (Jamaica doesn't count in my book!) and that just feels wrong.
Crap. I don't know if this will happen. We were going to try to get to the beach some weekend this summer.  I don't know that it's going to happen.

15.  Take the dog for a hike, just the two of us.
Oh poor Sweet Dog. I will do my best to make this happen.

16.  Meditate.  At least once.
I've totally done this! A lot! And I still suck at it.

17.  Lie in bed until 8 am at least once.  Just because.
I did this yesterday! But only because I was super sick with some mega summer cold from hell. But I'm counting it anyway!

18.  Paint our living room.
I've pulled out our paint wheel and chosen a few colors. Now to get to the paint store.

19.  Learn to love the old rug and curtains in our living room or get new ones.
Oh god. I hate the rug. I hate the curtains. I don't think we've got the money to buy anything new this year. I'll have to think about this one. And get myself to Ikea.

20.  Hang pictures on the walls in the basement.
Nope. We are terrible about hanging pictures. It just doesn't happen, even though I love to have art and photos on the wall.

21.  Part my hair on the other side for a day.  Just to see.

How I normally look (when I don't have a ponytail in)
How I look when my hair's parted on the other side.
Not very different, huh? I clearly remember choosing the side my part would be on in high school after reading some stupid teenage girl magazine article that claimed the side you parted your hair on determined/revealed your personality. I chose the "artsy" side and never looked back.

I don't have a natural part or cowlick so I CAN part my hair where ever I want. BUT THIS SIDE FEELS WRONG. This is, I think, a part of getting old. What I've done for years is ALL I CAN STAND TO DO. Hence this list.

22.  Wear earrings at least once a week.
I've been wearing earrings! I learned a trick, wear small hoops, never have to take them out!

23.  Take a full day media/web fast.
I haven't done this. I guess I could. I felt it was a good idea at the time.

24.  Plant a new vegetable in our garden bed.
Success! We've got carrots and sugar snap peas in addition to the usual herbs and lettuces and tomatoes and they are both total successes. My vegetable-phobic girls even pick them and eat them like they're in some kind of suburban fairy tale!

25.  Take out all my camera lenses and remember what they're for.
My camera lenses have been dusted off and used and I still prefer the one that I just leave on my camera.

26.  Take at least one decent picture of the girls every week.
Oh I wish I could say I've done this one. I really intend to take more pictures of the girls but I find it so hard to lug around my good camera and even when I do, I find it SO MUCH harder to take pictures of them now.
The only decent photo I've taken of either girl recently. Z still does her grimace smile and E? IS ALWAYS MOVING.
27.  Tackle our filing cabinet.
Yeah NO. Anyone want to do that for me? Bueller? Bueller?

28.  Get our taxes done without needing an extension. *ahem* CG *ahem*

29.  Sit down with CG and take a good, brave, come-to-Jesus look at our finances.
We've done this. Sort of.

30.  Check out the local Unitarian Church.  IN PERSON.
I am so, so happy to say we've been going a bunch to the sweetest little Unitarian Church in our town and I am beyond happy about it.

31.  Pick and freeze blueberries.
Done. And blackberries and cherries- do I get extra points?? Smoothies for everyone!

32.  Make tiramisu, CG's favorite dessert, from scratch.
Why did I put this on here? What was I thinking? Jeez. Will need to research this one.
33.  Visit the National Zoo with the girls.
I will need to wait to do this one when it's a whole lot cooler.

34.  Celebrate my tenth wedding anniversary in some exciting way.
We are currently planning this for next week. Stay tuned!
35.  Take my husband on a surprise date.
Oops. I'll have to think about this one.

36.  Take a creative workshop of any kind.  Yoga.  Writing.  Sewing.  Photography.
This was the first thing I did on this list. I took a photography class that a local portrait photographer was advertising: "Just For Moms." It was a great way to dust off my lenses and get reacquainted with using my camera off the auto mode. 

37.  Write a 'just because' letter and mail it.
Pffft. Haven't done it. Anyone want a letter from me?

38.  Host a Scrabble party, since my husband refuses to play with me.
I haven't done this yet but I have gotten quite addicted to Words with Friends on my iPhone. Does that count? No? Damn.

39.  Go on a family bike ride that finishes in a picnic.

40.  Post here about these as I accomplish them!
Doing it. Right now. And again when I get more done!

16 out of 40. Hmmm. Gotta get to work! No go forth and part your hair on the other side! LIVE ON THE EDGE.


Amy said...

You get mucho extra points for the cherries if you pitted them.


twisterfish said...

I can help you with #14! Get in your car NOW and come stay with me at the beach house I'm renting. Everyone else bailed on me and there are 3 extra beds... perfect for you and the girls. Come... NOW!

Ann Wyse said...

I think you are doing really well completing things on your list! I'm especially impressed because several of the things you've done would be the hardest things for me to do.

I would hang the pictures for you NO PROBLEM, but the commute would be killer.

Doing My Best said...

*raising my hand and waving* I want a letter!!! It's always nice to receive an envelope that isn't requesting payment for something =)!

Also, I think you should get MAJOR POINTS for just MAKING a list! Some of us have decided that "live to see another day" is about all we can do =).

GratefulTwinMom said...

I want a letter too!!!! Me, me, me. I promise to write back! Also, I love that picture of E. You don't even need to say that she's always moving. You can totally tell from the bruises on her legs. T2 is completely bruised like that too. Miss you!

Emily said...

I apparently missed your initial post, but wanted to tell you that I never would have guessed you're 39! That is all.

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