Halloween Retrospective

Halloween 2006. Z as a very sleepy piggy.

Halloween 2007. Z as a bee and CG and me as the beekeepers.
Halloween 2008. Z as a cowgirl (who lasted for about 10 minutes in her costume before melting down.)
Halloween 2009. Z as a zoned out Dora and E as a zoned out Boots.  (And we are: nothing.)
Halloween 2010. Z as Cinderella and E as Tinkerbelle.
Halloween 2011. The Wizard of Oz!

Halloween 2012. E as a very unhappy cardinal.
Big cardinal takes flight!

And I would be your resident birdwatcher.

About to trick or treat with yet another birdwatcher!

I've bought cheap Halloween costumes (hello 2010!) and I've borrowed some and I've made labor intensive ones.

No matter how you slice it, I do love Halloween.

Hope yours was happy (and warm and dry!)


Jessica said...

So cute! I love the ones where the whole family participates. We've never done that and now I half want to re-do Halloween this year!

shannon said...

You are so creative! I love the bee keepers and bird watchers - great idea!!!

twisterfish said...

Ridiculously cute and creative!

Kathi Mc. said...

Very creative! Did you make the cardinals? So cute!

shannon said...

Hey, this is totally unrelated, but I just remembered your post a long time ago about organizing your bathroom counter with all those clear plastic organizer thingies, resulting in clear-plastic containers full of clutter. I laughed so hard! Loved that one. I'm so glad you write.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Kathi Mc- I did! I made those cardinal costumes!

Shannon- "I'm so glad you write." <---- Thanks for that. That totally made my whole day. :-)

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