Dancing with my self (and others)

Last Saturday night, there was a party. An incredibly awesome party.

For me.

I sort of helped plan it, because I'm just that controlling helpful. I wanted to go dancing, but didn't want to drive all the way to DC (Exhibit A: ELDERLY.) I wanted to dance with lots of people, but I didn't want to wait till midnight when most clubs really start hopping and I didn't want to dance with a bunch of 20 year olds to music I don't know or like.  (Exhibits B, C, D and JUST KEEP GOING.)

So CG rented out this little ballroom dance studio close to our house (Go small town with your almost hip ways!) and brought in a ton of food and booze and friends and, well, it was just the best party ever in the history of parties.

I loved every second of it. 

Oh right, I've been meaning to call my chiropractor....

That's my mom dancing with CG there in the center. My mom drove down from NJ!

I'm leading! No, I'm leading!

That blur in the middle would be me, dancing with my self, Billy Idol style.

World's largest and most delicious sheet cake.

For CG's 40th? I'm going to have to rent out an entire space camp or something.

I think my 40s are going to rock.


grammalouie said...

Your dancing birthday was the BEST party ever! I loved the whole evening and am so happy I was able to join all of you to celebrate.
I know this will be a great decade for you!
love from your ma

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for a while....just wanted to share that I REALLY enjoy your blog..your "voice" on certain posts really hits home.Wanted to wish you a belated super Happy 40th Birthday! The party looked like a lot of fun and so glad there was cake! : )

twisterfish said...

GREAT party!

Jessica said...

We totally need to do this. (Though I may be intimidated by our friends who've kept up with their ballroom dancing skills since college while I...have not.)

maggie said...

Oh my gosh best husband EVER!!!! I will totally be telling MY husband about this post. So fun! Happy birthday!

Doing My Best said...

What an amazing party for an amazing person =)!

chiropractors nj said...

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday! You look amazing btw, and so happy. What a cool party! I love dancing too but there's so rarely a good venue.

k said...

Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun! What a fabulous and thoughtful husband.

And YOU look GREAT!

Bronwen said...

What a great way to celebrate! Please tell me you and CG reprised your wedding dance for everyone.

Pamela Hunt Cloyd said...

Happy 40th!! I love this party!! I'm right behind you ... 40 days away...

Just read your last post too. Elf on Shelf gives me the creeps.

momof3 said...

Such a fun party!! I didn't know that was your mom. Disappointed that I didn't get to meet her. Your 40's will be wonderful! Love that you married a younger man!! I did too but he's only 2 months younger.

Anonymous said...

1. You're adorable and I LOVE your shoes.

2. This party looks INCREDIBLE and for a second I thought to myself "hey, people should do THIS, similar to that new fad where everyone has wine and paints the same painting", but I think that's JUST INVENTING BALLROOM DANCING LESSONS PLUS WINE.

3. BRILLIANT idea, lady! Happy Birthday, again! :)

B said...

Just now catching up on blog reading! Looks like an amazingly fun party! Hope you are enjoying your 40's!

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