Summer is coming (dunh dunh DUNH)

We've been watching "Game of Thrones," but I have to admit that I'm totally lost and need an annotated flow chart of some kind to made sense of all the plotlines. I keep thinking I've got it all figured out and then all of a sudden, they flash to yet another storyline that I've forgotten about and I am lost again. I may be close to giving up on it entirely, but I do love me some John Snow and there's something enticing about the often uttered phrase "Winter is coming."  It's vague and forboding and with summer break approaching, I completely understand what it means.

It means: get ready because your world is about to be rocked and, as surely as the earth goes around the sun, you can do nothing to stop it.

Every summer is a rough transition for all of us here at Casa de Clueless But Hopeful. Turns out we are a mentally inflexible bunch of panty twisters who hate change.

(Come party! But leave by bedtime and don't move our stuff!)

Each year, I struggle to find the right balance of summer camp and free time. I vacillate between desparately wanting my kids to have a predictable schedule so that I get things done in some fashion that vaguely resembles the school year schedule and wanting them to have an idealized summer of opened ended play in the backyard and endless time to read and craft and play pretend. Both are important and valid. I think it's healthy to have some predictability and structure for our general sanity but I feel this strong desire to let them be free! And just play!

The reality: when they are free to just play, they destroy the house, bicker endlessly and fray what's left of my last nerve.

So. I need some Summer Sanity Savers pronto because Summer is coming. *dunh dunh DUNH!*

What are your Summer Sanity Savers?


Sarah said...

Um, so far the only thing I've got in my summer arsenal is Chilled White Wine. Probably In A Big Gulp. So, yeah. I'm scared too.

twisterfish said...

My little guy loves structure and schedules, so I'm signing him up for a few classes (and I'm usually a non-summer class kind of girl). In addition to that we have a schedule where we do something each day, Monday through Friday. Those somethings are baking, playing a board game, doing a craft, playing Wii together, and going to the library. He gets to choose one each day, so they're not on the same day each week -- giving us some flexibility. Add in tons of free play time for him, and trips to the playgrounds and pool, and that's it for our plans. Crossing my fingers it will all be enough. And stocking up on wine.

k said...

I, frankly, love that you referred to yourselves as a bunch of "panty twisters." Heh.

Amy said...

Of for the LOVE OF GOD, I hate summer.

I have to work and the kids are at loose ends. UGH. I do leverage local week-long "camps" at places like our kids' museum and I almost *always* look for a summer babysitter.

Good luck, my compatriot in pain.

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