Postcard from Vermont: Comings and Goings

We've had wonderful friends here this past week: women I've known since before any of us had gray hairs or real jobs, and the men I've come to love through them. They've all come to know Zoe over the years and have all been adopted by her.

You're stuck, guys. Zoe is like the Mafia. Once you're in with her, it's for LIFE.

(Zoe with Auntie K, August 2007.)

Zoe with Uncle P and Auntie K, August 2009. (Wearing stripes is a house rule around here.)

Zoe with Auntie B, June 2007.

Zoe with the afianced A and B, August 2009.


CG comes to Vermont tomorrow for a week of vacation before we all fly to Virginia to get in my new car (Did I mention that CG sold my old Civic in CA? And bought me a new, bigger car in VA? That I haven't seen?) and drive to our new house (Have I mentioned that I've never seen our new house? That I agreed to buy a house that I HAVE NOT SEEN?) for my new life.


Oh wait. I don't need a Valium. I have a husband coming which means at least a little time to myself and someone to take every other poopy diaper. Not to mention his hugs and kisses that are soul sustaining to me. (YAY!)

I have no idea how single mothers raise small children without going insane. Or mothers of more than two children ever get food on the table and hairs plucked off their chin. I feel like I've come through a trial by fire these past few weeks and I only had two healthy children to keep alive with the help of two grandparents and several childless but child-loving friends (see above) who cooked, cleaned, and made sock puppets with my older daughter.

I am so ready to see my husband. I am so ready for some time with him. I am so ready for some time OFF.

For once in my life: Hurray for Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yay! Such an adventure for you, CBHM. I'm truly jealous.

Have much fun with CG and enjoy the ride!

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