Postcard from Vermont: Weekend, update.

CG was here this weekend.

I thought I knew how much I missed him but I was wrong. I was missing him WAY WAY more than I thought. So was Zoe.

A few months ago, when we were planning how this move across the country would go down, CG said he thought a month was way too long to go without seeing "his girls". I agreed but said it was a silly extravagant expense to have him fly here for the weekend in between when the movers packed our things in CA and when they deliver them to our new home in VA. "We'll be fine," I insisted.

Thank goodness he ignored me.

Because, of course, he wasn't just trying to take care of each of his girls or wanting to see us for his own pleasure. He was taking care of us as a family, which is one of the things he does best. And I love him even more after this weekend.


In other news: I believe I am detoxing from my placenta pills and it ain't pretty. I realize my Sudden Onset Weepiness could be related to the fact that my husband was here for a weekend and now I miss him even more. Or the fact that it is finally hitting me that we are moving across the country to a town where I know NO ONE. Or the fact that I'm in a house with my three year old and two month old that tends to amplify acoustically, if you know what I mean. Nice for your music. NOT NICE FOR THREE YEAR OLD AND INFANT NOISE.

No, I am sure that it is because I am all out of placenta pills now. Anyone know a black market placenta pill purveyor? (I'm totally kidding. [MAYBE NOT.])


Also, Zoe's swimming class today? Went fine. Not great, just fine. I said a little something to the teacher, not much. Zoe went a little more in the pool, not much. She got a little more attention from the teachers, NOT MUCH.

It's just fine. As with many things right now, happiness sometimes comes from having lower expectations.


Melanie said...

Well, in about 4 weeks I would be happy to have my placenta processed if it will help your overall well-being? I feel like I've crossed some unknown line between old friends...
On another note, if I recall correctly, you are an excellent friend-maker - just wear the M*A*S*H t-shirt and overalls and they will come flocking to you.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh, man, am I feeling you. I really am. We spent 3 weeks at my mother's beach house, and 11 of those days were just me and the kids with my extended family. I survived, barely, and it was only 11 DAYS.

I up and moved to a new place with a young child two years ago. My advice: reach out to local bloggers. Seriously.

Thinking of you.


Kathi McCracken Dente said...

CBHM you are amazing and will never be alone. You have all of us following along on this journey with you. Plus, kids are a great friend magnet. Between Zoe's preschool and baby classes you will meet a ton of people. I am glad CG was there for the weekend. hang in there.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Melanie- You are a true friend. And your offer, real or not, touches me. Thanks (and, of course, I cannot take you up on it. I had to do some serious mind games just to swallow my own placenta, let alone someone else's!) Oh and HAPPY BIRTHING! GO BABY #4!!

Mrs. Chicken- Local bloggers? Like, meet them in person?! Oh jeez. Now there's a sure way to expose my insecurities.... Not sure I can do that. But interesting thought.

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