Spring ..... break?

I didn't really pay attention to this blip on our calendar, this week off of preschool until last week when I realized OH WOE! A WEEK OF NO PRESCHOOL?? WHATWILLIDOOOOO!?!?!?

"Spring break"? BREAK MY SOUL is more like it.

Okay, it actually turned out pretty darn well. Let's see what we did this week.

First of all, we made that tiara. That started off the week with a sparkly BANG!

Then we dyed some easter eggs, with much excitement (from Z) and control freaky issues (that would be me. I like my eggs dyed BRIGHTLY which means PATIENCE, that precious commodity known to be rare in a three year old. And I like equal numbers of each color and I like to use tape and make designs and OKAY FINE I really should just dye a dozen or 4 all by myself after everyone else is asleep.).
Someone discovered the joys of spaghetti.

A couple of girls spent a lot of time rolling and crawling around on the floor (here, let me just put some microfiber mopheads on those knees....)

and screeching at each other (while I tried not to lose my mind or my hearing).

E added unusual skills to her resume, like pulling herself up to standing using only the dog's dangling tags.

I pulled several dangerous things out of her mouth. EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY.

We met virtual friends IN REAL LIFE. (*mind blown*)

We took walks and played at playgrounds and had a picnic with my aunt, OUTSIDE, in the glorious spring weather.

Okay, the break from school went FINE. Really. Truly.

(But next week is BACK TO SCHOOL WOO HOO!)


Marie Green said...

I looks like it was a lovely time... I like writing posts like this about my own children/life because it makes me really see all the lovely there is.

I wish *I* was your virtual-now-real-life friend! Do you ever come to Minnesota?

belinda said...


Barbara said...

that is so fun! the chica behind latenightfeedings is amazing :) glad that you had a good week!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Marie Green- I DON'T ever get to come to Minnesota but I totally had a dream that I saw you and Marin at "the mall" and I ACCOSTED YOU, like ran up to you and pretty much tackled you both. So, yeah. If you're ever in my area.... look me up for a friendly tackle and I'll do the same!

Belinda- hilarious!

Barbara- Now I can say: I KNOW, isn't she?!

Sarah said...

I am totally with you on the egg-dying. We didn't do eggs this year, because I figured Little Man was too little, but mainly because I didn't think I could deal with the MESS. Does that make me a bad mother?

Michelle said...

What lovely, lovely pictures and kids :)

B said...

OMG I am so behind on everything blog related so I am just now getting to comment on this. We had such a great day with you guys! It is so nice to say we know you in "real life" now!

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