If I wrote a holiday letter (which I didn't)

Dear Friends and Family (and Facebook “Friends” who I should send one to since we're so close now, I mean, I know what you had for lunch! And just how good you are at Farmville!)

Happy 2011! We hope 2010 was a good year for you and the next one is even better. (Since our 2010 royally sucked, there seems no where to go but up!)

We’ve been in Virginia for a full year now and are finally finding our way around. (We’re still getting used to it. Honestly, we’re not sure we fit in here, what with the plethora of football fans and the glaring lack of fabulous gay people. But moving was so hellish on our family’s collective psyche that none of us want to think about moving again anytime soon. So here we are! Virginia!)

Unfortunately, this year we lost both CBHM’s cousin M and CG’s father T within just a few weeks of each other. Both are missed and mourned still. (How, exactly, does one talk about untimely deaths in a holiday letter?)

CG is enjoying the challenges of his job as a project scientist at Scientific Workplace (when he’s not stressed, sleepless and fantasizing about quitting his job to fly planes full time.) (This gives CBHM heart palpitations.)

CBHM is home with the girls, a challenging full time job if ever there was one (what with the hours of searching for missing Polly Pocket shoes and trying not to go cross eyed reading the same books over and over and OVER again. But hey! Pr0zac is a lovely thing. I’m on it now. So no worriesssssss.)

Z, age 4, is in her second year of her Montessori Preschool and continues to amaze us with all she’s learning. (Though, really? Math in preschool? Wasn’t I just learning to not eat paste in preschool? Where’s the dress up? Where’s the FUN?) She loves books (especially Barbie books. GAG. When OH WHEN will she move onto to something else or at least learn to read them herself? Forget math, Montessori, please deliver us from having to ever read a Barbie book EVER AGAIN), macaroni and cheese (buy stock in Annie’s Organics), her ballet classes (CBHM is trying very hard not to freak out about this. Go Team Pr0zac!) and being a big sister (until E dares to look at her toys and then SHE’S GOING DOWN.)

E, age 18 months, is moving fast to try to catch up to her big sister. She is truly a bright light; her smile and energy could power a small island nation. (Just don’t get anywhere near her after she’s had a. raisins, b. kiwis or c. more than one clementine. If she has by some poor meal management ingested d. all of the above, just kiss your sense of smell, and possibly your lunch, goodbye.)

We hope you have had a great year (or at least better than us)! Here’s to health and happiness in the new year!

The Clueless But Hopeful Family
CG, CBHM, Z, E and Sweet Dog (who didn’t even get her own paragraph but that’s okay. She’s a dog in a family with small children; she’ll take being ignored over being harassed any day.)


GratefulTwinMom said...

And happy new year right back to you. Nice letter. Again, condolences on your losses. It was a helluva year for you. And, hey, go Prozac is the battle cry of moms everywhere. I'm right there with ya.

Good luck with E's "fruit belly." Good times. Hugs to Sweet Dog ('cause, you know, she's neglected) and XOXO kisses to your whole family. 2011 IS your year. :)

Hillary said...

My favorite part was the bit about E and fruit. I could have written the same thing about the Beastie.

I hope 2011 is a good year for you!

Anonymous said...

Love your letter and so glad I finally found your blog!
Next time I see you I've got a 3 page holiday letter from my sister to show you.

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