Focal point

I used to be neat and tidy. At least I think I was.

But now I have children. And I've learned that having a clean house is almost impossible. And not a lot of fun.

So I've let it go. Really, really go.

But I like to keep just one corner the way I like it. I clear away the crap from this one spot over and over again, just so I can gaze admiringly at it: tidy and colorful and clear. It's amazing really, that I'm able to blur the mess all around me and just focus on this one little corner and all that I love about it. But I can.

And I do.

Ahhhhhh..... Don't you just want to curl up in this lovely spot with a book and a glass of lemonade? (Well, not right now as it's 37 degrees here, but, you know, in a month or so.)

Then, if I turn around and take a picture of the corner exactly opposite, I am back to reality.

Though this reality has a beauty all its own.


twisterfish said...

That corner is beautiful. Very inviting. But the best part? The view of that adorable child while sitting there! The other stuff doesn't matter.

Marie Green said...

I love that spot!

We have a living room (in the front of the house) and a family room (in the back of the house). The family room is where the tv, wii, toys, craft supplies etc are. The front living room has no tv and very few toys (and the toys that are there are easily put away). I LOVE have a part of my house where the kids are not prone to hanging out, and therefore part of the house that stays fairly clean.

Gina said...

What a lovely porch!

I try to keep our room as a clean, relatively kid-free place. I don't do it often enough, but it makes me especially happy when I make the bed.

Katie said...

I don't have a gorgeous space like this but I feel this way about my couch cushions. If I have them all lined up just. so.... I can ignore the rest of the disaster that is the livingroom. If the couch cushions are in disarray, it all looks like hell.

Hillary said...

Love your spot -- and love even more the corner that makes me feel like I'm doing it right. It's like you said on your post about reading blogs, it's so easy to forget that we're only seeing what people want us to see. Thanks for the honesty.

Michelle said...

That is lovely and impressive that you can keep it clean. I have a very similar spot that is right now covered by outdoor toys. I hope to reclaim it once the toys go back outside for the summer.

B said...

What a lovely corner. Love those lanterns up above too! When will it be warm and sunny so we can enjoy our outdoor spots again?!?

momof3 said...

I just got caught up on your 3 recent blogs and I LOVE your spot! How lucky you are to have it! I, too, was almost obssesive about my house pre-kids and now I have tried to be more laid back.

Cortney said...

I love that corner! And your honesty. After kid #2, my husband and I realized we had to give up the fight for a clean(er) house too. We did just organize a closet and our pantry and since there's doors on both we can keep them closed and kids can't get in and ransack them. Sometimes I like to just hang out in my pantry and gaze at the organized shelves for a minute. Calms the chaos. :)

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