They are so close; they really have no choice.  They can't get away; they are almost always there.  One does something, the other tries it out.  One laughs, the other laughs.

One cries, the other cries.

I took a photography class today called Mothers Who Click (Cross one off of my 40 for 40 list! Yay!).  In it, we were asked to pay attention to what shots we are always trying to capture:  a real smile out of a non-smiler, a perfectly posed portrait, a peewee football action shot.  There was no question for me:  I am always trying to capture my girls together in a candid moment that perfectly represents them at this exact moment in time.

I hope that one day, when they have the choice, repeatedly, to be together or be apart, they will chose to be together.   And that I am there to take their picture.

Music: "Sisters" by Sarah Battens


twisterfish said...

Seriously... this is too precious! They are too cute! You are too awesome!

grammalouie said...

Twisterfish is right on all accounts.
I'll just add one more - a welling up of tears in my eyes.

Alice said...

OH MY GOD, that video. so beautiful. hurts my heart, in a good way.

Cortney said...

Ditto. Gorgeous and lovely!

Kira said...

That made me cry ... so much love!

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