News from The Clueless But Hopeful Zoo

Breaking News: The Clueless But Hopeful Zoo announces sweeping changes for its youngest cub.

Do not let that sweet face fool you. This is a wild animal.
After months of avoidance preparation, we are excited to announce her new cage-free, "free range" sleeping quarters.

While she is adjusting to the new sleeping arrangements, we expect this wild cub to range outside of her own habitat regularly. Cub wranglers will be on hand to return the cub to her new habitat as often as necessary.
"Oh yeah, cub wranglers? I'd like to see you try."
(Yes, we are experimenting with the baby gates across her door, however, as some of you may remember, we don't seem to have one that is up to the task.)

We fully expect that as the cub matures, she will settle into her new sleeping quarters and come to understand the expectations and limits of a free-range cub. Until that time, we suggest all guests get a lot of sleep before arriving at our lovely zoo.

Do not feed the animals. Unless it is at the table.
In another, ill-timed change, management has removed the last of the cub's pacifiers. This understandably adds to the volatile nature of this wild animal. 

Next up! Getting serious about potty training! (OMG)

We are currently accepting applications for new cub wranglers. ALL APPLICANTS ACCEPTED.


The Clueless But Hopeful Zoo Management


grammalouie said...

Ooh, can I be a cub wrangler, pretty, pretty please?

Aunt Bobbie said...

I am just across the river......
but I WILL get plenty of sleep first :)

Aunt Bobbie said...

I love this wild little cub! I'll be leaping across the river
to help! (yes, good advice to have lots of sleep first!!)

Michelle said...

This is awesome. Love the photos.

Transitioning to a big girl bed and potty training have been the two hardest things I have done as a parent. Ever. Potty training made me question my sanity.

Good luck.

Alice said...

with cubs that cute, i'm guessing wranglers will volunteer from all over! :)

B said...

What an adorable wild cub! Good luck! The crib to bed transition is my least favorite one. If Jude ends up being my last baby, he can stay in his crib until he leaves for college. We aren't getting anywhere in the potty training department over here, so I am eager to see what works for you!

Gina said...

Well soon the weather will warm up and you can have a free-range cub!

Our boys share a room and it has been a party every night in there since we put the little guy in a bed. Sometimes I find them both in one bed together - other times on the floor - once in the laundry basket. Wild things!

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