Toddler Rollercoaster/ Virtual Baby Book.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just wanted to smush Z up and keep her like this forever. (I know! I KNOW. Can you stand the Toddler Rollercoaster on this blog?!?! Imagine LIVING IT.)

If I had a baby book, I'd cram YesterdayZ in between the pages and stuff it in the bookshelf so I could pull out YesterdayZ anytime I wanted to snurffle her yummy neck, marvel at the explosions of words and ideas in that little brain and giggle at the beauty of life.

It is nice to have a day where I don't dream of a cure for Toddleritis.


My mom keeps telling me to write down all the cute things that Z does, because I won't remember it all. So here's my virtual baby book page:

Z's latest favorite activities: She's obsessed with "babies" (her dolls and stuffed animals). She gets very intent when she plays with them and I can ALMOST get things done while she's engrossed in babyland. Mostly she feeds them and puts them face down, covered with blankets, for naps. From the looks of it, either she's very interested in the whole Mommy thing or she's practicing to work in a morgue.

She's talking up a storm but a LOT of it is unintelligible. Pajamas are "namas". Dogs are "puppies" but pacifiers are "pappies"; I can rarely hear the difference. Books are still "BOOTCH!" and milk is still "MILCH!" (and both are ALWAYS exclamations). Sweet Dog (whose name is Sadie) is called "EEEsay". There are a lot of "Oh?"s and "Really? You don't say?"s out of me as I try to quickly guess what the eff she's talking about.

Since she's gone back to waking up at 6 am, we're trying to teach her to cuddle in bed in the mornings. She'll lie still on a "di-doh" (pillow) for a moment or two before rearing up to sign and yell "EAT!" in our faces. Me thinks she is a morning person. Yes, we actually love her anyway.

She learned "ring around the rosey" at School and whenever she gets excited, she starts turning in increasingly drunken circles saying "aaaaasssses, aaaaasssssses" and then falls down. Gotta get video of that soon.

Yesterday, I came around a corner in the house to find Z lying down with her cheek on Sweet Dog's reclining rump. It was the sweetest thing and I wish I had a picture to freeze that moment forever.

At least now I have it all recorded in my virtual baby book.


Anonymous said...

A blog totally counts as a virtual baby book. She can print it out and paste it into her scrap book when she gets older.

Marie Green said...

Oh, do I know about toddler whiplash. I was SURE I was ready to sell- or give away- my youngest a couple of weeks ago, but now, she is so charming and sweet again. And this toddler age is SO FUN to watch- they learn so much so fast, and you can see something they've figured out nearly EVERY DAY. But also? If we are in the kitchen, she empties "her" tea bags onto the floor (we don't brew these later, just stick them back for the next time), if we are in teh living room, she empties the kleenex box- I try to keep it up, if we are in the bathroom, she throws all of her sister's pullups on the floor, if we are in the office, she empties the bottom two shelves of books.

It's always something! I know you know this!

grammalouie said...

This photo of Zoe with the huge sunglasses reminds me SO much of the photo of you taken exactly at the same age with Granny's wide-brimmed green sun hat on. You were on the dock in Vermont. Do you remember that picture? I have it somewhere. I remember thinking I could see the woman in you then. And now with Zoe, I can see the woman in her. Wow.

desperate housewife said...

When Addy was a baby I tried so hard to record every little thing in a journal for her. Now that I have two, it's nearly impossible, so I'm thinking like you- my blog will be their baby book. A more honest and funny one, probably, than the one I'd have written in otherwise, and one they'll probably enjoy more.
I love that picture of her tucking her babies in. Back to Sleep campaign be damned! Hee.

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