The sideless crib and other insanities

When I went to pick Zoe up from her crib on Saturday morning, she greeted me by throwing her leg COMPLETELY over the side of her crib and attempting to demonstrate her apparent new found ability to plummet to certain death jump out. So after her nap that day, without much debate, we took the side off, converting it to a toddler bed. Or a gymnastic launching platform, I'm not sure which.

Saturday night seemed to be no problem. She stayed in her bed and babbled herself to sleep. There were no five state crime sprees or juggling of fiery knives or even sneaking from the liquor shelf, though when we checked on her part way through the night she was curled up on the floor without a pillow or blanket in sight. In the morning, she was mysteriously back in her bed, babbling and singing for a while before calling "Mommm-MY!" clearly for her dad to get up.

We had her nap in a pack-n-play at our friends' beach house on Sunday
(gratuitous picture interlude: trying out the boogie board!)

so we didn't face the nap issue until yesterday.

OOO boy.

I had barely put her in her bed and closed the door before I heard her feet hit the floor. Luckily she was not interested in coming out and bugging me playing but she also didn't seem too interested in napping and since she normally naps for 2-3 hours I wasn't prepared for napless days so suddenly. I spent an hour going in to stop her jumps and tumbles off the bed onto her pillows and stuffed animals that she had assembled on the floor. I finally had to settle for her reading books to her friends which eventually resulted in her falling asleep.

These transitions to Big Girl things just keeps going, doesn't it? Next thing you're going to tell me is that she won't always want to hang out with me.

(Where did my baby go? Oh well, I guess there IS another one coming down the pike. Now I know why people just keep having babies!)

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Miyoko said...

p went "sideless" for about a month or two. Two weeks she fell out of bed every night and then got the hang of it. When we moved she upgraded to a twin. I wish my bed was as big as hers is in comparison to her body! What luxury!! At first p would sneak around playing all the time but now only does it once in a while. We still use a baby gate because you know how p is... That mini-macgyver would cause all sorts of chaos if she had free reign of the house at night!!

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