Disappearing act.

I think I may disappear for a little while.

Maybe just a week or so. There's.... a LOT going on.

Our house goes on the market this weekend and we all barely survived the past week spent preparing for our first round of open houses. By next weekend, my house will have people - STRANGERS!- tromping through it, sizing up closets and opening the cabinets and, knowing the quality of a few of my neighbors, casing the joint for future "activities".

My dad starts chemo this week. F-ing chemo. F-ing cancer.

Zoe has decided that daylight savings is complete bullshit (or is it the impending baby? the change in her home environment? the state of our global economy?) and has decided to scream her way through naptime, throw daily fits in public places, and spend the last three hours of her day acting like I am a total bitch for suggesting things like WASHING HANDS BEFORE DINNER and TOOTHBRUSHING and following basic rules of human interaction like NOT BARKING ORDERS and ACTING AS IF YOU HEARD ME WHEN I'M SPEAKING TO YOU.

My husband has the flu and is passed out in bed (oh, maybe not anymore, seeing as there is currently a screaming "naptime" going on.... Sorry honey.).

My husband is also supposed to get on a plane tomorrow for three days in Virginia, while I hold down the (tantrummy, non-napping) fort and make the house presentable for the realtor "caravan" (doesn't that sound almost FUN?) on Thursday.

This is my second to last week of work. And I'm feeling relieved and sad and weirded out to realize that I don't know when or where or HOW I will work again. When I do, it will undoubtably be in Virginia. With two kids. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it.

My sciatic nerve is totally inflamed by the ever-growing Lima Bean which makes me hobble around like a lame horse ready for the glue factory while periodically grabbing my own ass and grimacing in a very lady-like manner. Oh and it especially likes to throb AT NIGHT when I should be sleeping.

We thought it might be a good idea to get out of town for our first weekend of open houses and made arrangements to head to San Diego for the weekend. It's close, it's pretty, it's free (to stay with CG's uncle). It also means packing and driving and DEALING in a locale other than home which should sound lovely but right now sounds like even more WORK.

So yeah, maybe a week or so till I write again. Unless the naps start happening again for real.

Hopefully by next week I'll be able to write that we already sold our house! and the chemo is a cake-walk! and we had a lovely, illness-free weekend in San Diego!

Or, at least, that there was a nap or two in there somewhere.


My Buddy Mimi said...

Best of luck with everything! Hopefully you get a little bit of a break somewhere in there.

Kate said...

That IS a lot going on! Best of luck with everything.

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

That is a lot! I think you have every right to be stressed and feel like hiding. I wish I could do something to make it easier (like have the magic solution that makes kid's nap!) Good luck with everything and hang in there. We are sending happy thoughts! Have fun in San Diego. The packing always sucks, but it will feel good when you get there. And we wish your Dad the best.

Hillary said...

Good luck. I hope your trip manages to be relaxing despite everything, you get an offer on the house and the chemo cures your dad.

Take care.

desperate housewife said...

You have SO MUCH going on right now. And I feel your pain intensely with the open house/realtor thing. We (stupidly) put our house on the market when Eli was three months old, and for six months I endured cleaning the house for TONS of fruitless showings while keeping two kids entertained, while getting up every three hours at night to nurse. Dumbest thing I ever tried to do, considering we didn't HAVE to move. Since you HAVE to, you have my deepest sympathy and this two cents: this is a terrible market. So don't break your back cleaning and decluttering. Only pure luck is helping people sell quickly these days. So here's hoping for pure luck to combat all of the crap that is being thrown at your family!

Astarte said...

Take deep breaths. It is all going to be OK.

She will adapt to the time thing. Plus, you're not going to be sleeping much soon, anyway, so it won't matter in a few weeks if she doesn't.

Your dad will have chemo. It will help him. He will get better.

You will be able to find wotk in VA. Are you kidding?!?! With the nursing shortage around here?!?!

Your home is beautiful. You are a beautiful person. Take deep breaths and let it all come to you. It's going to be fine.

We will miss you while you're gone, sorting things out.

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