Before Leaving California #3: day trip to Death Valley (or similar)

Who knows when I'll next be up for a flight in a small plane? So we thought we better explore SoCal a bit as a last hurrah. As it was, my belly made entering the pod* a little difficult. (*: not the technical name for it.)

About to board the plane.

Zoe wasn't so sure about her fancy headsets.
And then REALLY not so sure about them.
But looky! We made it to Death Valley (it was way prettier in person, like most things.)

And then I heard the words all pregnant ladies love: BRUNCH BUFFET.

Zoe was surprisingly well behaved, though she kept exclaiming "TWO FORKS?!?!?!", thereby ruining any impressions of us as people who ever take her to fine dining establishments.
We hung out in the "date palm oasis".

And then we got back on the plane.
This time we tried lawn mower-type headsets.

When they failed to be satisfactory, we resorted to the usual: lollipops and stickers, stickers everywhere.
The view of the beautiful mountains. I suppose all that white stuff is, like, DANDRUFF?? 'Cause it's so hot and dry here??

Lesson of the day: my man is a STUD.
And our friend G, the other passenger, is a saint, holding Zoe's sticky hands and not once saying "please don't put any more stickers on my hairy arms".
As Zoe exclaimed after our last landing: "we had a LOVELY trip!".

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