Almost-April Showers

Almost exactly three years ago, a lovely sister-in-law and an awesome friend threw me a baby shower at my home. Some people flew in. Others drove long distances. Still others barely knew me but came anyway because they were wives of men my husband works with and that's how they hang. It was a lovely day full of old connections and possible future connections.

We had just moved here to Pasadena and still my house was filled with people celebrating our little unborn babe. We were so lucky.

Yesterday, a friend threw me a baby shower in her home. And though smaller than the first (and mostly sans gifts because a. we have no room, b. we've got most of what we need, c. I worried gifts were tacky for a second baby shower, and d. WE HAVE NO ROOM.) it was also lovely.
The women drinking tea and eating cupcakes with me yesterday were almost all women I've come to know and love in the last three years. A co-worker. Clients. A neighbor. Spouses of my husband's coworkers. A mom from playgroup. All tried and true friendships that have grown and blossomed in the last three years. All women I know I will keep in touch with as our paths no longer cross in the easy, geographic way.

All women I am so grateful to have in my life and so sad to say goodbye to.

I am so very lucky.
(and also: quite large.)


Astarte said...

I love that you had a shower. Some people I used to know thought it was tacky to have a shower for the second baby, but I wish I had had one when I was pregnant with Patrick, because I wanted to celebrate the life within me. I didn't need or want stuff; I just wanted to share my joy with people, and for people to shower joy on my belly! Hooray that you have people in your life that get that!!!!

Hillary said...

Oh! The belly looks lovely!

Also, I love this idea from Astarte's comment: showering a pregnant belly with joy.

Beth Fish said...

What a beautiful baby bump!

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