Maybe the Snow Mommy and Snow Daddy get some sleep?

I could post about the misery of a non-sleeping baby (still) and the internal battles over possible versions of sleep training. I could post about the preschooler's food peculiarities or our never ending hand wringing over her school or the precious "winter concert" at her school or our cul-de-sac's holiday progressive dinner. I could post about how awesome it is it be driving distance from my parents so that they can come here after just a few hours' drive to babysit for big events.

Or I could just post about the glorious sight that greeted us when we woke up on Saturday morning.

Our first SNOW!

Yes, let's just post about the SNOW!

It started falling in the morning and kept going all day, big fluffy flakes that melted at first before sticking and staying. Perfect for a day at home decorating the house for the holidays.

Z tasted it (from the sky only OF COURSE) and proclaimed it "WET!".

We built a fire and, unlike in Pasadena, we actually needed its warmth.

We improvised some waterproof gloves for Z.

We built a "snow family", complete with Daddy, Mommy, Big Sister, Baby Sister and Dog.

Z had her first taste of hot chocolate (and, given all her lip smacking and enthusiastic "do we get to have this every time it snows?", I'm pretty sure it won't be her last.)

By the end of the weekend, we may not have decided on a strategy to sleep better or settled on Z's preschool or figured out how to get Z to eat anything other than cheese and cookies or properly thanked my parents for babysitting a non-sleeper and a non-eater two nights in a row but WE DID decorate a Christmas tree and BOY HOWDY we enjoyed the snow.



Ali said...

I've never lived somewhere that has snow. London kind of slushes but that's not the same and the coldest it gets in our part of Australia is about 14 degrees c - not cold enough basically. If I want to see snow it's about a 14 hour drive in winter. It sounds as though it's magical to have it at your doorstep.

On the sleep. Don't stress too much. I think some people just don't sleep well. Apparently I never did as a baby and I still suffer from insomnia. Also, my 18mo only just started sleeping. Up until recently she was waking every 2-3 hours for a breastfeed still!

Hillary said...

I miss snow! So glad Z -- and the rest of you -- enjoyed it.

desperate housewife said...

We had our first snow today, too!
Unfortunately it's really gloomy and gray out, but I think I'll still drag the kids out in their snowsuits for a few minutes anyways.

Marie Green said...

We got our first snow last week as well. (<--Actually, not true. It snowed here on Oct 10th... not that I'm keeping track. But luckily that all melted and we carried on with fall).

Anyway, it is so cozy this time of year, isn't it? I actually always love fresh snow, no matter the month (well, NOT October... or May!), as long as it doesn't interfere with travel plans. So pretty! Not gray and depressing!

(We are slated for a blizzard with 8-10 inches this week.)

Existential Waitress said...

Precious photos! There's nothing like getting to experience snow with your kids. There's just something so magical about it all.

Amie said...

Ah glorious!!!! Snow is one of those things that can suck when you are childless but is awesome when you have kids--seeing their wonder. It's what makes life worth living. Even makes the sleep issues and temper tantrums disappear for a little while. I so wished I lived somewhere with snow.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's like you're writing bits about my life the day before I do.

Good Enough Mom said...

LOVE THIS! Thanks for cheering me up with your snowy story. Boy howdy, I needed that! : )

Grateful Twin Mom said...

Z looks so cute with that tongue eagerly waiting her first snowflakes. She's a little imp!

Whimsy said...

Sounds to me like a Just Perfect weekend.

Your package is coming... by the end of the week it will be one its way. Yikes, that is just terrible. Bad Whimsy!

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