Oh hi! I suppose I could post something on this here blog.

I know! The weekend! The holiday! (What's that you say? Everyone posted about that, like, THREE DAYS AGO? And has moved on?? Really??)

Well, there was a turkey, see?

No wait, not that turkey.... where was that one hmmmm.... almost as tasty........

Yes! There it is! SO delish! I love turkey!

Almost as much as I love pie and whipped cream!
(I personally take my whipped cream with a side of pie.)

Then some doofus had a birthday and made her own birthday crown (but apparently didn't feel the need to use a hair dryer! I'm just in from warm, dry California! Where hair dryers have only one purpose: to serve as expletive inducers when they fall on your foot as you rummage through your bathroom cabinet at 3 am looking for the extra TP. I, personally, don't ever turn mine on. Who has the time? I'm too busy making a BIRTHDAY CROWN for myself! Priorities!)

How old am I now? 36? 37? I forget, because that's what happens when you get old. But also? That's what happens when your little 6 month old turkey decides to WAKE UP THREE TIMES A NIGHT LIKE SOME KIND OF NEWBORN, uh, TURKEY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

Then we tried to take a family holiday photo. They pretty much all look like this one.

At least Sweet Dog was cooperative. (Either that or she's planning her revenge.)

I'm sure I'll have more to post.... someday..... when I get more sleeeeppppzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Hillary said...

oh happy belated birthday!

And good for you for even attempting a family holiday photo. I've been meaning to for a week, but when the daycare ladies handed me a packet of holiday-themed, overpriced magnets with The Boy's school picture on them, I decided that was the easier course of action.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! So glad to see someone else subjected their child to a turkey headpiece. It is a tradition in our family for the littlest one to wear it at his/her first Thanksgiving.
Love the family photo :)

Anonymous said...

Hubs' comments when I showed him the pictures:
He looks like some sort of actor (about your husband obviously)

She looks perfectly plump, her skin is nice and taut (about your little turkey)

And we both laughed at the cuteness of that family picture.

Happy birthday, I hope it was nice, and you look so good. So, so happy and healthy and young and pretty.

Amie said...

Happy Birthday! Love the pics.

Marie Green said...

Isn't it funny how we see things in photos of ourselves and our kids that others do not? For example, I think that family photo on your bed is absolutely perfect...ADORABLE. I also like how the two lamps frame the picture nicely.

Your little turkey, however much of a turkey she's being about sleep, is ADORABLE.

Grateful Twin Mom said...

Love the turkey hat. She is so adorable. I love your family picture too. Someday, maybe I'll take one of those. I think we may end up using one from last spring. I have a fantasy of going to the beach and using the perfect, late fall Southern California light to make our faces all warm and kind of orangey looking. Can't seem to drag myself to the beach, though. Your photo, though, is super cute. Happy Birthday!

KG said...

Your family holiday photos is SO GREAT! The expressions, hats down over the eyes, all of it, I love!

Existential Waitress said...

Happy Birthday! Nice pics!

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