Today I'm taking E for her 12 month appointment which means she's getting two thighfuls of shots which means I'm wringing my hands and thinking about posting what I ALWAYS post about on such occasions so let's think about something else, shall we??

Weddings! Dresses!

I have a wedding coming up and all my dresses look .....wrong. HELP! Which dress should I wear to an outdoor wedding in an arboretum? Vote in the poll over thar ------>

A. I adore this dress, have had it for many years and have NEVER worn it. It's summery and twirly and fun. But is it too.... little girly? Cutesie? And I can't really wear a bra with it, which is a tad problematic since my upper region is not so cutesie without one.

B. I love the way this dress feels. Super soft and comfy. And you can't tell but there's a little diagonal ruffle across the front. But is it too dark for a summer wedding? Also, I think I might need to invest in some serious Spanx to wear this dress without getting questions about being pregnant again and I hate the thought of wearing a hot Lycra sausage casing underneath it.

C. I could bring both and just decide when I get there.

D. I could go shopping and look for something else. (I hate to shop. And I kinda suck at it. Any specific suggestions for other beautiful! slimming! happy! dresses will be rewarded with my ETERNAL FRIENDSHIP AND ADORATION. And maybe even some chocolate!)

Oh, and I promise to take off the buzzkill of a sport watch for the actual wedding. And I might even possibly wash AND BRUSH my hair. I know! I'm THINKING CRAZY.


Fran said...

If you feel you need a bra with the first one, you could just wear a little cardigan/shoulder sweater with it. I like it best for a summer wedding. Old Navy has some cute dresses out right now and you know they always have something good on clearance!!

Marie Green said...

I love the first one. Actually, I love them both, but the first one is such a fun, summery one. And I don't think "little girl" AT ALL when I see it.

d e v a n said...

I really like both and there are some good strapless bras that might make you feel better about #1. If I had to pick it would be #1, because of the whole spanx, HOT, black etc for a summer wedding.

miyoko said...

Either look adorable. I don't think you look little girly at all in the first. Both are great. A nice shoulder wrap/scarf thing will help with the no bra thing if you're really self conscious about it, or get a strapless bra or I wonder if little pad lining thing can be sewn in... I'm sure it's fine whatever way you go.


Bird said...

I'm clearly in the minority in this one because I voted for the second option. I always tend to err a little more formal for weddings and the first one, while fun and flirty, didn't seem wedding-y to me. However, you do look great in both so I think whichever you choose will work out well.

grammalouie said...

Do you remember those hilarious bra cup things that had glue on them that stuck to you? You wore them for a ballet performance. Ha!
If I had to vote, I'd vote for the pink (even though it looks red in the photo). The darker dress is great too but because it's dark, the details are not as clear in the photo.
Of course, you could always at least SHOP for another dress. Maybe you'd end up wearing one of the ones you already own anyway, but at least you'd know how lucky you are to own two that already look and feel good on you.
One last thought...isn't this just so much fun to think about?! Especially when you could be thinking about shots for E and Z napping too long and what to cook for dinner.

Jamie said...

It is BK afterall...no whimsy is too big!

Just spent an hour reading here. I always love it and have had no time in the last 9 months to indulge any loves beyond family. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts, words, and photos!

Saskia said...

...And we know that J *always* has to layer! So a cardigan would probably complete the outfit anyway. Like the invite says, "we have no reason to suspect y'all won't look good!"

I am going to try to shop for this one, because all of my summer dresses are from, like, 1998... but I think I have about 1.5 days between then and now in which to do so. Can't wait to see you! XXO

Anonymous said...

I voted for the pink one because they have all sorts of contraptions to hold up boobies without showing, and it's not like yours sag anyway. The question is though, how formal is the wedding? Is it outdoors and carefree? then the twirly fun one is good. Is it churchy and placecards? Then the black one would be better

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Wow! Most of y'all like the first one! Okay, I think I will need to investigate the bra situation but I think I'm totally going for the little pink twirly dress! YAY!

grammalouie said...


KG said...

What, no option for "They're both great, you'll look wonderful! No worries!" Hmph.

As for the bra issue, doesn't look so bad form here, and they did invent strapless bras for a reason! Or the sew-in pads (coverage but no support).

As for any other issues - accessorize! So much easier to shop for than an actual dress - something glamorous, maybe Frida Kahlo-esque, like an oversized (NOT small, then you will look infantile) flower by your ear, with a slicked back ponytail? Or a very contemporary, dramatic necklace to make #1 look older? Slick shoes, etc. If #2 returns to the running, you could do colorful acessories, again big flower (still in love with the big flower thing) or colorful necklace, dramatic wrap, etc. You will be divine.

KG said...

This with the blue?

or this?

With the red?

for the hair:

But DO NOT, under any circumstances,be tempted to do this:

grammalouie said...

What a good friend KG is. I haven't logged on to any of those sites, but I bet she's right on with all of them.

Maggie May said...

hi new here:) i love the first dress:)

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