Hanging and hanging out

I promised myself that we would hang things on E's walls before her first birthday. It was an arbitrary deadline but a reasonable, attainable one, or so it seemed at first. Then her birthday came and went, without a single thing hung up in her room.

I am still amazed how much activation energy is required to get most anything done now that we have two kids. To hang a few things on the walls of a single room seems like such a simple thing, one that I could take up on a whim before I had kids. Now, it requires both adults to be available (one has to hold the photo up and one has to supervise, as well as run interference with the kids) AND both kids to be awake but reasonably safely entertained. For us, this is pretty much impossible. IM. POSSIBLE. We'd attempted to hang these things for months but by the time we agreed it was a good time to try, set up the kids with toys/snacks, gathered the necessary materials, placed the items where we thought them best, marked the spots, and begun to raise the hammer.... one or both of the girls would need a direct intervention of the diaper/potty/snack-procurement/life-preserving variety and we would lay it to rest for another.... month.

We finally did it this weekend. It took the better part of a day to align all the planets and make it happen but we did it. And it was worth it. Now there are some things of beauty to catch your eye in her little room and it makes me so very happy.

Only 1,248 more rooms to decorate! We should be done by 2035!

So we didn't make it by my arbitrary deadline. But we almost did and they're hung now and maybe that's all the matters.

The rest of our weekend was a blur of hot humid days spent ignoring the rest of our to-do list, chewing corn on the cob, laughing with friends and sitting nekkid in the baby pool. How about yours?


Hillary said...

We had a lovely lazy weekend. Our big event was buying a hula hoop, which I have been enjoying immensely.

Those letters in Eliza's room are gorgeous, and Zoe's face in that last picture is hilarious.

Sarah said...

Ah, I love pictures of babies eating...
Those are very cute wall decor items, and also I totally know what you mean about the amount of energy involved to get a simple project done. I used to do things like wash ALL the windows, inside and out, in one day. Now I'm lucky if spring cleaning projects get done by the time the SUMMER is over.

KG said...

The room looks LOVELY! And the girls are so cute! (Did you really sit nekkid in the baby pool?!?! Awesome.)

Marie Green said...

I love all of the wall stuff! LOVE the letters... do you mind if I ask where they are from?

Our weekend was chores/pleasure/chores/social... a good mix of both!... and our weather was really wonderful.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Hillary- I'm pretty sure that I have lost all my ability to properly use the hula hoop but now I'm inspired to get myself one and try!

Sarah- I am a bit obsessed with pictures of my girls eating and have to restrain myself from posting them ALL THE TIME.

KG- CG and I did not actually sit neekid in the baby pool but the girls did and there was some half nekkid post bike ride slip n- slide-ing.

Marie Green- I bought the letters from an awesome little craft store in South Pasadena but you can find them through Paper Source as well: http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/kits/craft-letter.html

Then I used Modge Podge and craft paper to decoupage them. Add a few little bits on top (a little metal bird, some glitter, a few beads) and voila! Fini!

GratefulTwinMom said...

You're so crafty, Jenna. Love the letters. The holiday weekend was perfect. Awesome weather. We finally have some warm temperatures. Kids have been swimming in the ICY pool. Unless it's 85 degrees in the pool, I'm not going in.

Sarah Filchak said...

I love the letters. DId you make them yourself or buy them? Either way, they are great and I'm sure your kids are still well-adjusted despite not having things on the walls. Give yourself a break :)

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