The imperfect crafter

I make things for my girls not because I know what I am doing, (I don't) or because I was born with a sewing needle in my hand like some Sewing Superhero (I wasn't).

Z's superhero costume, inspiration and outright stealing from Whimsy's tutorial.

I make things for my girls because I want to craft something whole from nothing but my imagination, some inspiration and $17 worth of stuff from a craft store.

Z's birthday fairy flags, tutorial courtesy of Whimsy
, once again.

I make things for my girls because I want to learn about my imperfection, and then model it for them. I sewed this seam, I tell them. It's crooked and that's okay.

E's curtains, finally finished! And TOTALLY crooked!

I make things for my girls because I love how it feels to look upon something I made with love, with my own hands.

To see them enjoy something that I created is more satisfying than I ever thought crafting could be.


Hillary said...

That's how I feel about cooking. I love more than anything to watch someone eat and enjoy something I've made.

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

So wonderful! What is your secret though? How do you find the time?

Marie Green said...

I am such a horrible sewer. It's on my "life goals" to become better at it...

Erica said...

OMG! I totally want to make that shirt and cape! Maddie loves playing pretend with capes. However, I don't even own a sewing machine! However would I make the cape part?

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Hillary- I wish I felt this way about cooking! I'm a happy baker but cooking.... bleh.

Kathi- My secret is that I have a housecleaner! The time I used to spend scrubbing toilets I now can spend sewing uneven seams.

Marie Green- Me too. Really. You don't want to see up close the seams I've made!

Erica- Oh girl! You could totally do it without a sewing machine! The shirt you use fusible web and an iron. The cape you could make with fabric that doesn't unravel too easily, cut it with pinking shears to reduce the unravelling even more and then just hand sew the velcro! Check out Whimsy's super awesome tutorial!

I'm sure you could whip it out in a day or two... unless you give birth first!! :-)

Whimsy said...

AWESOME goods, man. Just awesome.

And seriously, where did you get those pot stands with the FEET? Because they're adorable.

As are your girls.

(Oh! And Erica, CBHM is totally right about you making the shirt & cape. Can totally be done. I made one with parts of a sheet, for goodness sake.)

KG said...

You and your girls are THE CUTEST. Go imperfect (read: HUMAN : ) ) crafty mama!

Michelle said...

Oh I love the super hero costume. What a fabulous idea and so lovingly executed.

GratefulTwinMom said...

Cute, cute. Love the photo of Z in the costume. No such thing as imperfect in homemade. Everything you do for your family yourself is perfect...because you do it.

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