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I am not a good shopper. I do not enjoy shopping. I get twitchy and impatient after about 20 minutes and immediately need to go lie down in a dark room with one of those soft, heavy lavender thingies over my eyes.

I wish I was a better shopper as there's nothing as impressive to me as the perfect present. It says: I love you and I know you and I care enough to find something that shows it.

I wish I could make presents for everyone: no shopping! Showing I care with my time and intention! Except I don't usually have the time or energy or -let's face it- SKILLS to make presents for most people.

So, I try to make it the few stores in town and I do a LOT of internet shopping. Basically, if it doesn't come from a local craft fair, Target or Amazon, I don't buy it.  I also steal people's ideas right and left. So I thought I would post a few of my favorite things that I use all the time in the hopes that some of you might post the same and if we all post these things, we'll have a nice large pool of fabulous things to buy for our friends and family, yes?

(To be extra clear, I have not been compensated in any way for suggesting these products. I just love them.  I am now an Amazon Affiliate so if you do buy something off these links, I suppose I'll make a penny or three.  I don't really know.  If they ever send me money from it, I'll do a giveaway.)

Okay, so I found all these on a tour of my house.  Some of my favorite things:

These flip top snack cups from oxox are awesome. My mom gave me some and we use them every day in lunch bags for hard boiled eggs, peeled oranges, cheese cubes, EVERYTHING. Both kids can easily open them AND close them. Shiny, happy colors! The lids don't get lost! Dishwasher safe! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!?!

I drop my phone AT LEAST twice a day. My kids are known to grab it with sticky fingers and try desperately to get to the games and videos before mom notices that their fingers still have orange juice and maple syrup all over them. But because it's in this Otterbox phone case, I don't panic. I like not panicking.

With the onset of winter comes the most ridiculously cracked cuticles known to mother-kind. Further compounding this problem is that I don't like most hand creams, they're either greasy or overly scented or too wimpy for my cuticles. But this one, from Restoration Hardware, ROCKS. After two days of applying it at night, I indeed have no cracks. May I recommend the Meyer Lemon scent? It reminds me of our Meyer Lemon tree.  I miss that damned tree so much that I might be tempted to lick your hands if I meet you and you're wearing this cream.

These wedgets are one of the best loved toys in our house. I've found that most of my friends have never seen them/played with them. They are one of those rare toys that *I* enjoy playing with. So there.

My good friend K (Who just had twin boys!! SQUEEEE!!!!) got this for E last year. I.... have no idea what it is. But every single kid who sees it instantly knows what it is. So far it's been a stool, a turtle shell, a baby bed, an American Girl doll sled, a dog house, a doll rocker, a hat, a mouse house, a sand scooper, a pool for Barbies, etc. etc. etc. LOVE IT.

Our German friend, who was just visiting us for a few days, brought these gorgeous pencils for Z.  They are easily the nicest colored pencils I've ever seen.  And looky -  Amazon has them!

We're always trying to decrease our household waste and we were going through a lot of straws.  Enter:  stainless steel straws!  I bought these for the girls a few months ago and we all like them.  A good investment, dishwasher safe, etc.  Perfect stocking stuffer!

Have you ever gone to a new salon for a haircut and been conned into buying expensive shampoo? I haven't for a long time, but I liked the smell of the shampoo my new stylist used so much that I bought this Eufora shampoo (as well as the leave-in conditioner) and I'M SO GLAD I DID. You need very little. It makes my hair bouncier and shinier and it doesn't get greasy after a day of sweating. A treat for sure but worth it. 

I'm assuming if you like to bake, you already some of these silicone baking liners.  No?  Well.  Let's hope you have some of them under that Christmas tree.  No more need for parchment paper! Reusable!  Great to use on the counter top when rolling out dough! 

Okay I don't actually own this rad pasta spoon.  But I want to!  How cute is it?  VERY CUTE.  Stocking stuffer!  Rawr!!

That's it for now.  Off you go!  Write your own post on your favorite items around your house!  Bonus points if you got them from Amazon/Target/someplace with free shipping!  I need to do some shopping!

(Exclamation Points!)


breathofsunshine said...

Thank you so much for this post! I've been searching for a good gift for both my nieces (almost 3) and my son (7). I've just ordered the Wedgits for all 3. I secretly can't wait to play with them!

Ann Wyse said...

Whew! I also dislike shopping. (Is that allowed? to dislike shopping?) I'm glad I'm not the only one, and will de carefully considering your recommendations! ;-)

Many thanks!

I'll also put up some of my favorite things in a few days!

twisterfish said...

I LOVE shopping! And I love some of your favorite things!

The Faber-Castell pencils have been a favorite of mine for years... so much nicer than the other popular brand that is in every store around here. They also have a set of watercolor pencils that are oh so cool!

I like Eufora too... I got suckered into purchasing their styling glaze and I LOVE it! The one bottle has lasted well over a year and there's enough in there for maybe forever, so it was a good buy after all!

And I think I'm going to order some of those straws! I've been considering paper straws (which you might be too young to remember, but I grew up with them), but these might be a better choice for me. Thanks!

Bird said...

The past spork is currently the toy du jour in our house right now. Its not just for cooking anymore!

For gift giving I sometime do amazon gift cards, magazine subscriptions to expensive magazines like Cooks Illustrated or National Georgraphic. Tickets to a play are also nice (and you can get them online!)

grammalouie said...

I love giving a gift of a flock of chickens or a goat from the Heifer Project. This year I am also attracted to the Nature Conservancy's gift catalog which gives you the opportunity to adopt an acre all around the world for $50. You get an adoption certificate, a photo of the habitat you adopted along with a fact sheet and other benefits. My nearly 98 year old father is getting this . I love the Nature Conservancy. Love Heifer too. And Kiva who makes micro loans (which are repaid) to people in the third world who are trying to survive. All three are very special and deserve consideration.
Not for children, though! One friend of mine "gave" a goat from the Heifer Project to his small grandchildren and they just went "whaaat??". A nice idea, but they were too young to get it (especially since he did not accompany that gift with a toy or two.)

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