I am...

(Inspired by Alli Worthington's "I am... " Project)

I am a mess.

I have said or written or thought that phrase more times than I can count, usually with a tinge of self-hatred and often with the word "such" inserted in there for emphasis.

It is an admission. It is a request for sympathy, empathy, or even - I'LL TAKE IT - pity. It is a preemptive excuse.

It is a blanket with which to cover myself and hide.

But maybe it could be an acceptance. Maybe it could be a non-judgmental fact. Maybe it could be embraced. Maybe it could be a rallying cry.

In mess there is reality.






The truth: there is so much I value more than perfectly clean tidiness.



Rebecca said...

Hardly a mess! You are fantastic!

twisterfish said...

I wish you could see yourself the way others do.... far from a mess!

And, yes, children and dogs and love and life are very messy. And very wonderful.

By the way, perfectly clean tidiness is way overrated.

Cortney said...

I'll join in the rallying cry! I'm a mess!! Life is messy! And in accepting the messiness there is freedom. I cause myself a lot of stress by trying to pretend the messiness away.

Bird said...

You don't seem like a mess! Sometimes when one or two things is out of order in my life I feel like the whole world is askew.

ps: I like your sweater.

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