Halloween Candy: the evolution

Hmmm, they're selling Halloween candy already? Well. I'm too smart for that. I'm not buying any because I'll just eat it all before Halloween.

There's that Halloween Candy again, right at the end of the aisle, lying in wait. NOT BUYING YET, ye evil temptress.

I'll just buy a few bags. Of candy I don't particularly like. There. I'm early AND I won't be tempted.

There are the bags I bought. Just waiting there on the shelf in the dining room. NOT TEMPTING ME.

It's been a really rough day and I'm hungry and we have no cookies or chocolate in this whole entire house. OKAY FINE, I'LL EAT PEANUT M&Ms.

Hey, Peanut M&Ms are not that bad!

I think I need to try pretzel M&Ms to see how they are .... *scarf*SNARF*

Hmm. 9:40 am and I've already yelled at the girls? I'll just put a bag of Skittles in my pocket and dole it out whenever I feel grumpy.


I'm so ill from eating all this Halloween Candy. I'm putting it up high so I won't eat any more.

I forgot there's a convenient stool right here....

Thank goodness Halloween is today. Finally, I'll get rid of all this candy.

Not only is there tons of candy left but the girls got another METRIC TON of candy. DAMN IT.

Okay, Z, if you insist, I'll sample a few other types of candy. *scarf*SNARF*

Last day of the candy. Tonight the Candy Fairy comes to take it all away. THANK GOD.


(I'm going to send off that candy to the troops. Tomorrow. Now, if only I can get through tonight without eating it all....)


Alice said...

someone stole our ENTIRE BUCKET of candy that we left out this year (like.. including the damn bucket) and at first, i was pretty sad because i had been looking forward to eating the leftover candy over the next week(s).

then i realized i would have been eating the leftover candy over the next week(s) and realized maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.

(i still think someone who steals THE ENTIRE BUCKET is a douchetard, though.)

Bobbie said...

I am definitely in your family. I bought a container of chocolate goat's milk (supposed to be better for you - easier to digest, right?) and glugged it down two minutes after getting home. NO CHOCOLATE IN THE HOUSE... oh, misery! No Halloween people come to my house. I'm live in the woods with a long driveway. So I just buy chocolate milk. Damn those peanut M&Ms! (I have always loved them, myself!) If only I hadn't put six Hershey kisses into my purse because they were in the big glass jar at (what office was I in yesterday??)

Rebecca said...

Hilarious! Love it!

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