Aloha means hello AND goodbye, right?


May I present our bags for 6 days in Hawaii with Zoe (and, apparently, an entire football team).

Food is expensive so we have a bunch of boxes of crackers and cereal and snack bars. Plus, if you need one sunhat, don't you really need three? Furthermore, four pairs of shoes for 6 days isn't really excessive, is it?

Oh well, careful eagle eyed readers may notice a couple of individual tissue packs and a package of ear plugs in the top of one suitcase. The tissues are for CG and Zoe who now have matching colds (after CG's stomach flu of last weekend. Oh JOY.). The earplugs are for me so that I can sleep while both of them sniffle and snore. (not shown: a baseball bat to beat their germy little hands away from my pristinely healthy self).

At least we'll be sniffling, snoring and burning our pale white behinds on a BEAUTIFUL BEACH.



My Buddy Mimi said...

Happy travels! I'll wager that everything looks better when viewed from the beach in Hawaii.

Mirasmom said...

I am so jealous! Have fun! We are chronically overpacked so I can respect the need for 4 pairs of shoes for 6 days. Enjoy them all and everything else hawaii has to offer.

desperate housewife said...

Have fun and stay healthy! Slather on that SPF!

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