Mother's Day Recap.

Best parts of my Mother's Day 2008:

I woke up briefly to Zoe stirring around 6 am (aka. officially TOO EARLY) and watched as my night-owl husband actually got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. I then drifted in and out of sleep until Zoe actually woke up at 7:15 am (aka. officially a perfect time to wake up, in my book).

I downed a yummy homemade breakfast of crepes with yogurt, fresh strawberries and maple syrup THAT I DIDN'T COOK. Plus there was the promise of the two fat Sunday papers laying right in front of me, no dishes to wash all day and NO DINNER to cook that night.

Zoe, in an AWESOME mood ALL DAY for the first time in what seems like YEARS, brought me my card (which she "signed") and my present (a box of fancy teas. YUM.) and sung to me: "Happy Mother's Day to ZOE!!!".

I slipped out for my favorite morning yoga class and didn't even rush home feeling guilty like I normally do.

During Zoe's nap, I lay on the hammock in the sun and read the Sunday papers for HOURS, leaving all the dishes and toddler effluvia for my loving husband who was mysteriously napping for ... uh-oh.... HOURS.

(which brings us to....)

Worst parts of my Mother's Day 2008:

After picking up Zoe from her nap, I found out that my husband has some mysterious stomach flu, complete with fever and debilitating back pain, and would be out of commission for at least the rest of the day.

I canceled our dinner plans (going out to a favorite family pizza restaurant), tended to my sick husband, faced two meals worth of dishes in the sink and pondered the need for a new, stomach flu friendly dinner plan.

I faced the fact that if I have been exposed to this flu through my morning "Happy Mother's Day" smooches, the incubation period ("Hypochondriac"? Who ME??) should coincide perfectly with our trip to Hawaii on Friday. BAH.

Oh wait! We're going to Hawaii on Friday! Let's try to stay excited about that, shall we?!

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