A tale of two babies.

As a young teen, my friend M once found two back up lovies in her hall linen closet. In college she had all three lovies lined up on her bed (David, Bavid and Gavid) and she would describe her horror and recognition at finding Bavid and Gavid as if it were the day she saw the world as it really was. Suddenly it made sense how David would change smells or marks, ever so slightly, from day to day. I'm not sure she ever really got over it.

When Zoe started showing a preference for Baby, we bought another one and hid it, trading it in and out when it couldn't be found in our messy little house or needed a washing. I vaguely wondered when she might find the other baby and how it would all go down. There were several near misses and we finally worked out a fool proof system of keeping one baby hidden.

In the hall linen closet, of course.

So last week Zoe unceremoniously found "TWO BABIES!".
There was very little distress at having this truth revealed to her at an early age though now the tears come from having been given the "WRONG Baby" (it's awfully hard to tell them apart, unless you are Zoe) and not being able to carry both babies as well as a stroller and wagon all while holding Mommy's hand.


Anonymous said...

We have Duckie and Bizarro Duckie and have had several sit-com worthy near misses where Mommy hurls a ragged Duckie behind the door while Daddy presents a freshly laundered Bizarro: Look, Duckie had a bath! I fear the day she will discover that her beloved best friend is a split personality!

Marie Green said...

Oh, 2 babies! Every girl needs 2 babies! Marin is not picky- any baby will do, but she too is BABY CRAZY. She is so cute when she holds them and sways her little hips, all while patting their back. =)

Zoe is beautiful!

miyoko said...

Perched high up in our closet is a 'NEW baby' with slightly bluer eyes, a different outfit, but exact same expression and 'model' as original 'BABY'. But, the only problem is original 'BABY' now has cemented nasty dreadlocks, hair that stands up on end and a water/tears/drool/juice/who knows what stained body and no clothes. Original "BABY" is pretty much irreplaceable and we have to do some major damage to "new BABY" to make her even half resemble original "BABY". So, we have yet to replace her. We have thought of "ooh Phoebe, baby had a shower!" or "ooh baby brushed her hair" but phoebe is waaaaay smarter than that.

Phoebe also got 2 other babies for her birthday from friends and family, and i thought... hmmmm. maybe she will be more interested in these new babies, but alas, original "BABY" still reigns supreme. So she still lovingly caresses that grimy, dreadlocked baby with such love that we will just let that be for now.

She did have 'giraffe' and found other 'giraffe' during our move across country. Didn't seem to phase her much except that 'wow I have 2 giraffes now'. I think it would be different if suddenly original 'BABY' suddenly had an identical twin she didn't know about.

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