A few years, a few bullet points. (edited to add a big NO DUH)

My Buddy Mimi wrote a post a few days ago that I thought I'd bogart. You have to sum up the last 15 years of your life in 10 bullet points. Pretend you ran into someone you hadn't seen in 15 years and had to catch them up, quick-like.

*Okay foggy memory banks let's see what we remember... 15 years ago I was a junior in college. I graduated a year later with a BS in Psychology, more uncredited hours in the dance studio than anywhere else, and a way-late-in-the-game, forehead-slap realization that I no longer wanted to be a psychologist of any kind. (Oops.)

*So I moved to Maine and ran a bed and breakfast for a year. I thought it would be all Walden-like and I would figure out the meaning of life in general and MY life in particular. Instead, I worked like a dog, ate way too many pancakes, watched the ENTIRE OJ Simpson trial (SO GUILTY) and decided I needed to dance.

*So I moved to San Francisco with Bronwen, my fabulous sexologist friend from college (Actually, at the time she was a singing waitress, the sexologist part came later. [That's what she said]), enrolled in a crappy massage school, worked an illegal tea cart in Ghiradelli Square and watched "Party of Five" and "ER" RELIGIOUSLY on my 16 inch TV as I sat in my butterfly chair. Oh, and I danced as much as possible, mainly in the back of the class.

*After a few roommates came and went, I moved into a house in the famed Haight Ashbury. Soon I lived with three of the most wonderful women EVER. We baked, we danced, we threw the most raucous house parties and often spent the evening chatting for HOURS. (Yes, we totally cycled together too.)

*I got a call from an acquaintance from college who wanted to meet up. Turns out he was cuter than I remembered. Turns out I was dating someone else at the time. Turns out he became a good friend and even briefly dated a friend of mine. (Turns out we got married eventually but that's coming later...)

*I set up a private practice as a massage therapist and then studied to be a Pilates Instructor. I danced with some small time choreographers and got paid a little. I was dancing in the middle of the classroom.

*I started dating my good friend and within weeks we were talking, hypothetically at first, about marriage. We moved in together and got engaged on his birthday in the middle of a fancy restaurant when he said he "needed a little help with his birthday wish" and got down on one knee. We got married a year or so later in the Shakespeare Garden of the college we both attended.

*He got his PhD at Berkeley, I danced with some amazing choreographers in San Francisco (with the injuries to prove it.) and danced front and center in most dance classes.

* We got knocked up and moved down to Pasadena for his post-doc where we now live the quintessential suburban life of toddler playdates at kid museums, dog walks with plastic baggies and a yard that requires constant neglect.

(Oops, that's only nine.)

(edit: * Oh RIGHT. In April 2006, Zoe was born. That would have to be the biggest bullet point EVER.)


Marie Green said...

Ha, ha- I LOVED Party of Five. LOVED. Saw every episode.

Great post- fun to hear where you "came from".

Anonymous said...

Bogarting posts is absolutely allowed, in fact it is encouraged.

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