What's the best thing about having my in-laws visit?

A. They do the dishes (loading and unloading and PUTTING AWAY!). Woo HOO!

B. They read books, offer laps, fetch things. It's like having an extra parent, only more patient!

C. They accompany us to the pony and train rides in Griffith Park, pay for the rides and seem genuinely enthused about going around and around in a little circle or watching their precious granddaughter do the same.

D. CG and I can cut out for a movie, on the spur of the moment. As in CG can just say to me "hey, you want to go catch a movie?" And I can say "yeah" and then we can leave, RIGHT THEN. (We saw "Hancock" last night and I'm still annoyed at the plot twist half way through. They had a good movie and then they went haywire, IMO. But STILL. We saw a movie. The week it came out. IN A THEATER. Without having to pay a sitter or make the plan a week in advance or ANYTHING.)




Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Pony Rides! How cool is that. Maybe we will have to check that out when we visit later in the summer. I wouldn't have thought she was ready for them but...Yesterday was Mira's birthday and we went to the zoo. Mira rode the little car ride (the ones that go around in a circle) yesterday. It was her first ride without mommy or daddy. I was SHOCKED she wanted to do it and that she LOVED it (no tears, no stressed out look, nothing). I was torn between being so proud she was independent enough to do it herself and sad that my baby is growing up.

desperate housewife said...

Oh, I love having family around. Sometimes I even think I want my parents to, like, MOVE IN with us, just for the free and spontaneous babysitting. It is no small thing, being able to ditch the kiddos on a semi-regular basis. I think it makes you a better parent, seriously. You gotta get a break once in a while!

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