Dress debate.

We leave tomorrow for a weekend away at a friend's wedding and the usual packing insanity has begun.

By far the hardest decision:

which adorable, too-nice-to-wear-normally dress should we cram her into for the event?


Marie Green said...

Oh, wow, how will you decide??? HOW? They are all too cute... I like the giraff one, but the hot pink one is great too... and the green one with the pink flowers- LOVE. The turquoise one is hard to see, but I'm sure equally wonderful... I am no help. Bring more than one, in case she spills.

(If it were me deciding, I would probably use this method: which has she not worn much yet? which is she going to outgrow the soonest? )

Erica said...


Kathi McCracken Dente said...

OMG! Too funny! I go through this debate all the time. I love that someone else does it also. I usually start with the which one hasn't she worn in awhile and end with my favorite. Though now that she is 2, I sometimes am forced to factor in HER opinion as well. Drat! Don't I get to dress her up forever?!?!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

kathi- Oh I KNOW. I haven't even asked Zoe b/c I don't plan on giving her much of a choice. I just hope she doesn't insist on wearing her pajamas or something.

My Buddy Mimi said...

Too late, but I love the pink one.

shirley said...

wah wee... so cute.. you have to pick one of those dresses.. but all of it look cute and nice..

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