And she likes to run around

I find it helpful to spend some time watching happy videos of Zoe being silly and adorable when she's really unbearably whiny, slimy with snot and coughing in my face and the day stretches before us like one long dirty crumpled tissue.

This is my favorite at the moment: Zoe at her first tumbling class. She was supposed to actually do specific Toddler Tumbling Tricks across the long trampoline. But Zoe had other ideas. (You gotta love the moment when the "coach" tries to hold her back. GOOD LUCK, BUDDY.)

Her smiles say it all, though. She kept exclaiming "AGAIN! AGAIN!" at the end of every run. We'll be back (assuming they let us!).


Anonymous said...


What's that song?

Anonymous said...

You can tell she was having fun, I bet she didn't want to leave. Where is this place?

Sydney said...

Is this at Payke in So Pas...my kids love that place

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Sorry for the lack of answers, folks! My snot-filled little friend is giving me a run for my money (why is it that they can be totally sick and yet have tons of energy!?!)

The song- I can't find the name of the band. It's a local band from Northampton Mass, I believe, that my dear friend K put on a cd for me. K- can you help me out??

The place- It is Payke in South Pas. I love it now too! I just hope they don't mind Zoe spending all her time bouncing off the walls instead of, you know, actually paying attention and trying to follow directions!

Kathleen said...

Aaack! So much cuteness! Again! Paul and I laughed 'til we cried.

And the song is "Beautiful Day in the Woods (Ayla)" by School for the Dead. The album is The New You. Available on iTunes!

My Buddy Mimi said...

Awww. I like the song too.

Kate said...

(As usual I am a week behind in my reading)

That seriously made my day. She's awesome!

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