She's crafty

I know many talented, crafty women who can make the most amazing things with just their own two hands, some dental floss and a battery. (Oh wait, that's MacGyver. *swoon*.)

My best friend K made a doll and doll quilt for Zoe and crafts in many media.

My sister-in-law makes tiny, detailed doll clothes and can sew pretty much anything.

Another sister-in-law made a shirt for Zoe and a doll tutu.

Yet another sister-in-law makes these shirts over at chickadeez and has made everything from felt advent calendars to muscle warming rice packs.

A good friend made Zoe adorable bean bags and homemade soaps.

Me? I got a sewing machine for my birthday (in *cough*cough* NOVEMBER) all in the hopes of finally realizing my true craft potential (or at the very least, being able to hem my Ikea curtains without using that iron-on stuff.).

I just opened the sewing machine box last week. No time like the present a few months later!

But! I made my first craft! And delivered it on Saturday to my littlest valentine.

Can you guess what it is?? (No, it's not a too-small dog blanket. Dog provided for scale.)

Oh SURE it may LOOK like just a piece of fabric with a few seams (and dog hair) but really it's...... okay fine it IS really simple and yet took me a few HOURS to make. Never mind, there really is nothing as sweet as giving someone you love something that you've spent several hours swearing over made.

It's a baby doll sling for Zoe!

I like to imagine us both happily carrying our tiny babies around in slings in just a few months!


Kathleen said...

AACK!!! CUTE! So much cuteness!

Michelle said...

That has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It might only be topped by photos of you with the new one in a sling with Zoe's baby doll sling. What a cute idea! Love it. It makes me want to go get a sewing machine just to do this.

My Buddy Mimi said...

Awwww. I love the expression on her face. Such a lucky baby doll to have such a sweet mommy.

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