Pregnancy check in

Let's start with the belly, shall we?
Just. Plain. HUGE.  How is it possible that I still have 3 months of GROWTH left?? How is it possible that I will have another baby in 3 months?!?!?  

Weird pregnancy issues-  

I am out of breath, all the time.  I remember this from last time, the wheezing up the stairs, the breathless SLOW CRAWL on the elliptical trainer that I called "exercise".  But then I could blame it on how high she was.  How she was clearly wedged way up under my ribs and pressing on my poor little lungs.  Now?  Now, she is somewhere between my belly button and my feet and getting lower by the second.  What can I blame it on now, when I run out of breath just by talking too fast???

My usually perfunctory visits with my OB have always mysteriously included him squeezing my calves and inquiring if I've had any calf cramps.  I've always said no and wondered silently why he's asking.  Of course, since the last visit I had with him,  I've been woken up by calf cramps almost every night.  (Why, WHY didn't I ask him??)  I didn't have these last time.  Are they a symptom of something dire??!?!  It seems an extra calcium and magnesium supplement is taking care of it.  But still.... it is fodder for...

outlandish but realistic nightmares.  I usually collapse face first by 9 pm go to bed just fine.  But pretty much every morning, around 4 am, I'm woken up by completely bizarre, very upsetting nightmares that seem so real and urgent that they last for a long time after waking.  Last night I woke up convinced that Lima Bean had been born with indistinct genitals and the doctors wanted to cut him/her up and I was crazed with the need to shake CG awake and convince him to TALK SOME SENSE INTO THEM AND SAVE OUR BABY'S GENITALS.  This whole paranoid delusion lasted for a good 10 minutes while I talked myself down from the ledge, lucky for the peacefully slumbering CG.   The nightmares are almost always baby related and seem SO REAL when I wake up.  But it is only after a LONG time that I am able to come to grips with reality and fall back asleep again.  Only to be awoken by Zoe, not ten minutes later.

On to the good stuff!  Is there any??  Oh yes!  The hair! The boobs!  Can I keep them forever and ever and ever, pretty please?!!?  I don't think I'll miss pregnancy too much when this is all over.  Take my watermelon belly, take the freaky nightmares, take the heartburn that's A LITTLE EARLY TO THE PARTY DON'T YOU THINK.  Just leave the bodacious tatas and the thick healthy hair and I'll be a happy camper.

Mental health checkup-

All seems to be well in that department, especially when you consider how lousy it was this fall,  my dad has cancer, we're supposed to get our house ready for open houses (you know, to sell our home to the endless legions of folks with high paying jobs and easy credit that they want to pay huge sums of money for a funky little house on a "transitional" street) that begin THE MONTH BEFORE Lima Bean makes her grand entrance AND, come August, we will somehow be moving across the country with a newborn and a toddler to a place where I know no one.   In fact, looking at that list, I think I should be kinda depressed right about now BUT I'M NOT.  Check that out!

I can tell how I'm doing mentally by how long the fringe of hair is on my forehead.  When I was so miserable this fall, I pulled my hair back every single day and left it there, causing my hair to break.  It's been a while since I spent the whole day (or several weeks) in a perma-ponytail and this, this is great progress.  My hormones seem to have found a somewhat happy place (though they cold lay off the pimples for a week or so PLEASE GOD).  


Astarte said...

I'm glad you're feeling so well! And, I think your belly is *adorable*. You are not huge. You are a thin, albeit pregnant, woman.

Also, moving to NoVA means that you will live near many people that you already know online, so if you get lonely, you can always tap into your ready-made friends.

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

No one warned me how different the second time
would be. I have had to make 3 calls to the OB FROM MAUI for various leg issues (all fine) and right now baby is pinching some nerve in my groin. Lovely! Only 15 more weeks to go... Wish me luck! You look great BTW!

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful! Maybe you can use the nesting instinct to motivate the home ready for open houses :-)

desperate housewife said...

You look gorgeous! Also, if it makes you feel any better, I started getting breathless during my pregnancy with Eli at EIGHT WEEKS IN, something which didn't happen with Addy until about seven months along. Who knows.
Also- enjoy those boobs! Man I miss pregnant boobs. One of the few things about pregnancy I am unreservedly looking forward to.

Michelle said...

Oh the dreams! The dreams are awful. I spent my first trimester dreaming that the world was ending, I was dying and/or my entire family was dying. I seriously thought I was losing it. That was something no one warned me about. Thankfully they subsided.

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