Preserving the moment

I've been mulling over ways to mark this, my last pregnancy. I feel it going by quickly, probably because I have no time or energy to pay attention to it in any way, and I wonder about ways to commemorate it for posterity. Besides posting about its every mood swing here on a public BLOG, that is.

I've posted before about the possibility of a little permanent ink. I still think that might be in my future, if I can ever muster the creativity to make it lovely and feel RIGHT, since it would be PERMANENT and all.

Then there's belly casting. Which seems a little... messy? Embarrassing? (I mean, who would cast me?! ACK!) And what would I do with it afterwards? Would I really want to hang it on my wall (OMG I didn't realize you casted your boobs too! I may be into these boobs but WOW that may be a bit more public than I really want to take it. Not to mention the fact that their huge, plump roundness hanging on the wall would mock me every time I passed by them, tiny non-pregnant boobs a-dangling.)

HAHA! If you follow that last link, there's a picture at the top of a belly painted to look like a watermelon! Maybe that's what I should do! At least then I wouldn't have to include two twin cantaloupes on top or anything.

What about the ever popular soft-focus black and white belly shots? Oh lordy. I just don't think that's for me either. I mean some of them look like they belong in some seriously WRONG men's magazine. GAK.

Oh RIGHT. There is one way that I AM going to memorialize this pregnancy. In three weeks, I'm going to shoot a pregnancy fitness video with my boss. Who's about 5 feet, 100 pounds and NOT PREGNANT. I'm not sure this was the loving, supportive thing I was looking for.....


Hillary said...

Go with a tattoo. I have two and would like to get another one. There's something satisfying about the process.

desperate housewife said...

I am to shaken from viewing the SERIOUSLY WRONG picture to comment coherently. I mean, who but the father of one's child would enjoy that photo? Would you... Hang it on your WALL? SCRAPBOOK it?

Erin said...

WHAT?! A FITNESS VIDEO?! Must know more.

Belly casting is wild. Tattoos scare me. I'd take a few photos and mourn my inability to capture the signficance of it.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

desparate housewife: HAHA! I had such a good laugh thinking about what the scrapbook page would look like for that photo!

Erin: I think that's exactly what I'm going to do! A whole lot of fuzzy photos of myself at our one full length mirror.

The video my boss is doing is a pre-natal fitness video (she's a pilates trainer and personal trainer who has a bunch of fitness videos out already) and I'm going to be the model for the third trimester. I just met the woman who's going to model the second trimester workout. She announced that she's gained FOUR pounds so far (and she's super skinny to begin with!). Yep. I'm going to look like a beached whale next to them both.

Kathleen said...

Oh, girl, if you were here in the Happy Valley, I would lay ALL that good-hippie, pregnancy-is-beautiful mojo on you! I have helped cast the pregnant bellies of two dear friends, and it was fun, funny, sweet and empowering. And not as messy as you'd think. Then there are of course the BLESSINGWAYS, where we chant, and do henna tattoos, massage your feet and dance naked under the full moon (just kidding on that last one.... although...). I say go for it with the photos - that site had pretty cheesey ones. Have you seen this ladies (http://www.superherophoto.com/#) work? I know she is up in Berkeley, but maybe you could find someone like her.

bat7mess said...

I REALLY recommend the belly casting. I did it when I was pregnant with my first and I am so glad I did. I had my husband do the actual casting, so no awkwardness there. I draped my arm across my breasts, so I don't feel as "exposed" as I would if the cast was of my bare breasts. The finished product looks awesome and hangs on my bedroom wall. I'm trying to decide whether or not to do it again this time.

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