Because I couldn't exactly let you stay impressed

I really did mean everything I said in that last lovely post.

Unfortunately, I also mean this less-than-lovely one.

Not 5 hours after writing Tuesday's post, I was the lone adult in the house, wandering back and forth from a toddler who would NOT go to sleep and an infant that would NOT go to sleep and tripping on a dog who would NOT get out from underfoot and somewhere in there I LOST MY MIND.

CG had put Zoe down for the night and left to deliver a saw he was selling to a friend. On the way, he had the nerve to unwittingly go OUT OF CELL RANGE (cue ominous music). Which meant that by the time he came back into cell range there were 5 missed calls from me and one message that may or may not have sounded like this: "Are you on your way home now? 'Cause I need you HOME now. Can you come home?! NOW. HOME?! NOW?!"

The poor man left the house with a wife that was totally fine, feeling good, ready for a little R & R before bedtime. Same man came home to a wife that was a spit up and snot covered mess who was seriously in need of both a hug and a stiff drink.

Unfortunately the hug will have to do for awhile.

Both these posts are true. We are doing well, appreciating our gorgeous little girls and how blessed we are. I am often able to look at one or both girls and just BURST inside with how lovely they are. AND we are (okay: I AM) just a leeettle hormonal, a little close the edge at times, wondering how to juggle it all. The reality of two is like this I guess. And I know it will get easier in some ways and harder in others.

I"ll be over here, learning to ride the waves.


Hillary said...

Eh, I do that sort of thing even without post-partum hormones, which no freaking joke.

Kate said...

Funny you mention the dog getting underfoot - I remember even with just one baby I could handle just about anything up until the point the cat would trip me up and that would just be that - all I could take. I've been tripping over that cat for years, sometimes barely noticing it, but in the first few months of Alex's life it was the absolute bane of my existence. I wonder how many parents of newborns have the same experience - I think swistle mentioned it once too. I'm guessing a lot, at any rate.

Anyway! Wishing you the best, including a night with several hours of sleep (in a row, even!). And of course continuing congratulations on your beautiful family!

artemisia said...

Hang in there! I think you are a natural surfer.

belinda said...

This is nowhere near the same as caring for two humans =/< 3 years of age and goddess bless you for dealing with the poopy diapers (ORANGE??? Jeez, I've picked people up out of their own blood and vomit [EMS] and that still made my stomach turn)... but maybe it will make you feel a little better to know that Binx (you met him, my grey tabby) peed all over ALL of my clean bras today. All of 'em. Every. Single. One.

Hey maybe you can send me some of those diapers for him!!!

Michelle said...

Bless you. I was (and still am) that way with one little one. My husband once came home while I was still on maternity leave to me sobbing uncontrollably on the couch holding our sleeping daughter, who finally conked out 15 before after HOURS of non-stop crying.
I can't imagine two yet.
Hang in there :)

Ali said...

It is VERY hard with more than one child and you are totally allowed to not manage to stay calm. I think most of us have quite a few days like that each week. Just focus on the good days! It does eventually get easier (kind of).

Swistle said...

I still get this way. Paul doesn't even blink at my mindloss episodes anymore.

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