No wonder I had heartburn

Once upon a time, there was a belly:

And that belly was casted in plaster to capture its hugeness for all eternity:

That plaster mold was meant to serve as a reminder that my body was a once spacious home for a baby girl.

That home doesn't look quite so spacious now with my four week old baby girl lying in it:

I mean SERIOUSLY. How did she ever fit in there??

(Speaking of bellies.... NOM NOM NOM)


Hillary said...

Oh those rolls! She's gorgeous.

desperate housewife said...

OMG! Squee squee! My brain was actually jumping up and down when I saw that there were baby pictures. Oh, she is just the CUTEST and FATTEST and DARKEST HAIRED little girl ever. I would like to order an identical infant to be delivered to my home in approximately a year, k?
Um, and also a baby nurse. A LIVE IN baby nurse.

miyoko said...

heheh i laughed and thought about your gal, at my last ped appt because Isobel is just under 15 lbs at FOUR MONTHS OLD. ;D

artemisia said...

WOW. I really want to blow bubbles on that belly.

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

OMG! I love that last picture. So so cute! And what a great idea to put her in the belly mold. So hard to believe they were ever inside even though you push them out!

Eleanor Q. said...

That's awesome! What a great series of photos!

Astarte said...

I really, really want to raspberry that belly! She's so sweet!!! And wow, does she ever look like a Baby now, not an infant. Phew!

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