Oh crap. Also: have a fun weekend CG!

I swear I put E in the center of her play mat 2 minutes before I took this picture.

Also: I think it may be time for us to stop letting Sweet Dog, who licks her own behind and, uh, eats rotten apples, rabbit poop, and DIRT, lick E's feet.


Marie Green said...

How is she big enough to get around already? Tell her it's illegal!

Also, we have that same playmat!

miyoko said...

yeah i don't even put blankets down for I. anymore. she's off and rolling/sorta-crawling 1 second later.... why is it i blinked and no longer have an infant? i feel like i remember many many many occasions where we would just hang out and watch our little slugs laying contentedly on their tiny squares of blanket?!?!? where did that phase go the second time around?

Michelle said...

Her cuteness is beyond words.

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