Where Rilke and the Beatles conspire to make me crazy

We have been living here for over two months and BOY HOWDY I am getting tired of living half-unpacked. There are still boxes everywhere and many things are not quite put away and those things that are put away have been put away only temporarily because we needed to put them SOMEWHERE and there is as good as anywhere for now.

I've been trying to be all Rilke be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart about it and you know what? THERE ARE STILL TOO MANY BOXES AND TOO MUCH STUFF AND TOO MUCH UNSOLVED IN MY HEART.

The feeling of not being settled in one's home is not one that I'm all that good at just accepting. I want to DO something about it. I want to organize and hang things and buy organizational hohas that might transform the crap into ORGANIZED CRAP. And there are these two little people around who are conspiring to keep me from getting anything done above the most basic oh-hey- let's eat off of CLEAN PLATES okay?

I've been trying to accept the clutter, to just let it be and you know what? WHERE IT BE IS ALL OVER MY FREAKING HOUSE.

I have one setting at the moment: desperate to get things done before the long cold Little House on the Prairie winter OMG MUSKRATS ARE BUILDING THICK WALLS.

Poor CG. The work-week is a wash; we basically try to keep our heads above water. So we get to the weekend and I'm like YAY! WEEKEND! LET'S GET STUFF DONE! and CG's like YAY! WEEKEND! I NEED A BREAK FROM GETTING THINGS DONE! because, of course, he has one of those pesky job things where all week long he is pressed and pressed to get things done and then he comes home to ME. INSANE GETTING THINGS DONE WOMAN.


The sickness aspect of the whole household is not helping. Usually I could have our little neighborhood 6th grader come and play with Z for a few hours so I could get some things done but with Z still sniffling and E still coughing and CG still complaining of a sore throat and me still with bronchitis, we're pretty much still quarantined over here.



Marie Green said...

You'll get it done! Just do one box at a time, or one room at a time, or one wall at a time, or even just one item from one box at a time!

Plus, I think you'll be able to get MORE done during the upcoming Little House snowstorms. Maybe it'll snow so much that CG won't be able to get to work for a few day. ;)

(I do know that feeling: my brain is all clutter when my house is all cluttered!)

sagessa said...

I hate that cluttered feeling. We just moved into a new (and smaller) house a couple of months ago. Most of the house is nice and tidy, but our bedroom somehow became the repository for all the things that don't have a place. It drives me crazy every time I go in there. I have to dodge boxes in the middle of the night just to get to the bathroom! Also, the bathroom has unpacked boxes in the closet, so I can't even escape the clutter there!

I keep thinking that I'll take a day a do something about it, but Alex wants to be with me constantly when I'm home, so there the boxes sit. Maybe when he grows out of this clingy phase?

Anyway, sorry for the long comment, just wanted to let you know you're not the only one. :)

Swistle said...

I'm always like, "You rest and spend time playing with the kids; I'll get a bunch of work done on the unpacking."

Hillary said...

the fact that you're dealing this well with it is amazing to me. I am incapable of leaving things packed up. It's one of the things my husband likes least about me.

Erica said...

UGH! And there's nothing worse than being sick and trapped at home when it's messy/cluttered. I almost ALWAYS make myself sicker because the second I feel halfway human I'm cleaning.

Here's to health and organized crap soon for the Hopeful household.

socialkitty said...

I feel for you - wish I could jet over and help! I love organizing other people's crap (ahem, sorry Kamran...).

I also would like to interject and say that I LOVE that "boy howdy" is still part of your lexicon! I remember the Simpson's episode that inspired us to use it (ah the heady days of watching your old 4" TV on those god-awful futons in that disgusting living room...).

Gina said...

I just finished re-reading all of the "Little House" books - they're a nice easy read during those long cluster nursing sessions. I'm feeling like I need to get ready for winter - and it's still 86 degrees here - but I'm all "must buy fleece sleepers before the stores run out and my babies freeze this winter".

We are actually contemplating a move to N. Virginia/D.C. If we do, we plan to rent for a year or two and the thought of living out of boxes, unsettled, cluttered, etc. for that long make me crazy. So I sympathize. Some people need alcohol to relax - I need organization. I used to dance too - maybe it's the disciplined anal dancer in us?

Amie said...

I so LOVE that you quoted Rilke. That's something you don't read in blogs too often. And I know how you feel about feeling unsettled. Hope you all start feeling better soon! Hope you are resting this weekend and trying not worry too much about the things that need to get done.

miyoko said...

oh i so hear you on this. we JUST recently finally found homes for all our crud. meaning our office is actually an office now, not a 'i'll just put this here until i figure out where it will go' room. (AKA crazy room)

once you do get organized trust me, the level of sanity will rise. and i so understand that "here we all work our butts off all the time, what do we have to do in our free time? UNPACK? ORGANIZE? SIFT?" JOY JOY JOY.

helps to take little breaks like a "lets conquer this room and then go to the ZOO for the other weekend day!" or "we'll clean out this closet and go eat a yummy dinner out!"

and being sick makes the whole task seem that much more impossible. when you're better it will seem conquerable. :D

Good Enough Mom said...

Once you do finally get organized...your kids will rearrange all of your crap anyhow...organization in my house only lasts about 1-2 hours at best (which is about 4 times longer than a clean floor lasts)...if that's any consolation...

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