All Hallows Eve (TM)

I like Halloween. I like costumes. I've always admired kids' homemade costumes, the ones where you can tell the parents and kids spent hours sewing or hot gluing or (internet ordering). In my pre-child days, I often spent weeks working on my own costumes. I always thought I would be in the trenches with my kids coming up with crafty, intriguing costumes.

The reality? I'm just too damn tired and disorganized.

This year, as soon as I broached the subject of Halloween costumes with Z, about a month ago, she immediately said she wanted to be Dora. She has the haircut and people often remark that she looks like Dora. And she wanted E to be Boots.

I tried to gently steer her away from this idea. I had visions of her coming up with her own costume, perhaps a unique, imaginative woodland creature, preferably made of out bark, feathers and organic cotton. Something, ANYTHING, besides the scary plasticized products of Current American Childhood INC.

Now, to be clear, I am not one of those people who only like bands BEFORE they become popular (in fact, I am usually a year or so BEHIND the trend.) I don't really want to eschew all aspects of childhood media. And I enjoy as many cheesy aspects of the dominant popular culture as most people. But there is still something so uncomfortable for me about having Z dress up as Dora (TM, I'm SO SURE).

It feels like her childlike imagination has been taken captive by Nick Jr..

It feels like it's telegraphing to the world just how much this mighty anti-tv mama has fallen. (Okay, I know it's not actually about ME.) (Uh...right?)

It feels like ... I need to start thinking about next year's costumes NOW.


Marie Green said...

I could have DIED the year my girls declared they wanted to be Stephanie from Lazy Town (you know, the chipper girl with pink hair?). But in the end, that's exactly what they were.

The next year, though, they were Laura and Mary Ingalls.


The cool thing about young kids is that you can get them "into" things you too enjoy. And the years when that doesn't fall into place? Pfffft. We've all been there!

(This year for Halloween, we have Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, a giraffe, and Kit- an "American Girl" I'd say it's a so-so year.)

Anonymous said...

Well, when I was a kid I was the ultimate toy of pop culture, I was a milky way candy bar. Think of it this way, the best friends I've ever had started out as a conversation about the shows we used to adore as kids and blossomed into friendship. If she didn't watch, she couldn't participate in those conversations, do you want your baby to not have friends?!?! :)

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

You could look at it as a success - She didn't chose Cinderella or the generic "princess" like every other kid (including mine). I think group think is OK for 3 year olds. When she is a little older I think she will be excited to break out the glue gun with you. hang in there. And E as boots is priceless!

Hillary said...

Kathi makes a good point that at least your Halloween is princess-free. And, I've never noticed before, but Z's hair is perfect for Dora. You can't argue with style.

Erin said...

You know what helps? Deciding that Halloween costumes are something you are NOT going to feel guilty over. Just do whatever and enjoy the fun. She'll remember how excited she was to put on that costume either way. And pumpkins and candy and running around the neighborhood after dark.

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