Blog post SOS

Apparently, there was something in one of my previous posts that sounded like a cry for help.

Because several people called me right after reading it to check on me.

One of them was my mom, who greeted me by saying "I'm coming to visit you. Make some appointments for yourself."

And now the cavalry has come.

Over the next few days, I will get to see a few professionals about various body parts and maybe even get to the gym a time or two.

Here's to self care!


Marie Green said...

SAH-weeet! Enjoy!

bat7mess said...

You're mom is awesome. Not all moms go that extra mile (or hundreds of miles).

Sarah said...

That's great news. Enjoy!

miyoko said...

how much does your mom RULE!!!
yeah i just pushed my dermatologist appointment another 2 weeks due to my need to care for Phoebe's mystery virus.

it's very easy to have clean well dressed kids and have pushed all self care aside. ENJOY your life tune-up!

Grateful Twin Mom said...

Yea for you! You deserve it, mama.

Good Enough Mom said...

Your mom is beautiful!

Aunt Bobbie said...

Your Mom is indeed a wonderful woman (as are you)! I should know - I'm her sis! You are blessed indeed!

artemisia said...

Man, you come from a long line of good Moms. yay!

Astarte said...

What a great mom!

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