Just like Jaws, with bonus drool

First of all, YAY for goodies! The randomly chosen winner is: FRAN! Well, now, isn't that nice!? If you all don't know, she could use a few goodies right about now. Fran, I'll be contacting you for your address (to stalk you, of course).

And there are more goodies to be had! Check out Michelle and Hillary's goody giveaway (two chances to win!).

Secondly, I have a nasty, messy, miserable cold, complete with pounding sinus headache. Suffice it to say that I'm not sure when the goody package will get out but it will be a while. I don't exactly want to send a bubonic plague package, especially after all that Fran's been through.

And lastly, I cannot get a certain iconic movie theme music out of my head. And this is why:

PS. Notice Mt. Saint Laundry in the background? (Step back! She's going to blow!) If that made you feel just a teensy bit better about the state of your laundry pile, then my work here is done.


Hillary said...

She is so cute! I love that stage and, really, how very impressed with themselves they are at all stages when they learn some new skill.

Feel better soon.

Fran said...

Oh, I am so excited!! And I am cautiously optimistic that we may not be looking at yet another train. Doctor's appointment this morning to see how it looks so *fingers crossed*

Marie Green said...

My, ah, "laundry pile" as you so gently referred to it is MUCH bigger.

(I only do laundry- on purpose- once a week. It takes me all day, but then I'm done for another week.)

Michelle said...

Peanut thought she was adorable as well. I showed her the video and she keeps asking for more. Love the soundtrack to it :)
And the laundry? That is a permanent state of being in our house. I don't ever feel like I'm done folding, putting it away or gathering.

Hope you feel better soon!

Erica said...

Oh, how I long to eat that little sharky shark! Those cheeks are positively nom-able!

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