How I'm making friends for us both. Or not.

Dear parents of A:

(I was about to address this to "A's Mom" but how lame is that assumption? I mean, it's totally possible that A is being raised by two daddies, or a stay at home dad or a single dad or a grandparent or something. I mean, it's not like I'm TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY LIVING FOR the possibility that A has a mother at home who might possibly want to be MY FRIEND. Hahahahaha ha ..... ha.)

You don't know me (and aren't you so glad because I'm clearly crazy) but our daughters are friends at school (or at least your daughter calls mine "Cheesey" which seems like the cutest nickname! Like they're real, true friends! Or like yours is picking on mine and mine is completely oblivious- I don't know WHERE she could have gotten that trait!- and your daughter probably comes home to you every day and tells you what a loser Z is and how she's sure her mother is EVEN WORSE, in which case NEVER MIND this whole note I didn't mean it!)

I was wondering if you might like to bring her over for a playdate sometime soon? (AND BE MY FRIEND OMG I NEED A FRIEND.)


Z's Clueless But Hopeful Mama


Hillary said...

Why is it that these sorts of social interactions still make you -- and by you, I mean me, too -- feel like you're in middle school?

Jenni said...

I have trouble taking the next step w/other moms. Like, I met these two nice, reasonable moms at the playground near our homes; I've seen them there multiple times; we each have two kids that are all pretty close in age; they make conversation with me at the park. But now what? I invite them to my house? Is that how it works? Or do I wait for an invite. It doesn't help that they are already friends.

Good Enough Mom said...

I recently started to make a new friend...and then found myself practically STALKING her...and had to totally BACK THE EFF OFF or risk revealing the desperate-for-a-true-friend freak that I am!

Kathi McCracken Dente said...

Hugs! And Good Luck! It is so hard to make new friends in a new place so I commend your courage. And remember through it all, that YOU ARE FABULOUS! :)

Marie Green said...

I'd like to think I'm at outgoing person. And I am. Unless I'm trying to start up a new relationship. Then I'm awkward, overly eager, and basically a chump.

Good luck. If you lived here, I'd have Z and you over to play. In a heartbeat!

Dr. Maureen said...

I was forced to leave a note to any or all parents of J's classmates with his teacher, in a pathetic attempt to make friends. I've had no responses. I sort of wish I hadn't done anything.

Eleanor Q. said...

Heh. I've sent this email many times. I probably spent an hour revising so it wasn't too peppy but sounded enthusiastic and normal. I may have overthought it too much. Then again, when it comes to making friends, I find myself terrified.

Good luck, let us know how the playdate goes!

Kate said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. We went to a brunch today for the parents of all babies born in 2009. I worried about what to wear all week (as thought there's a choice!), because I knew I was meeting potential friends. Ugh. I think this is actually worse than middle school.

I would TOTALLY be your friend if you lived close by. Sigh.

Astarte said...

It's so hard to make friends. The DC area is rougher than most, too, I think, especially for people who stay at home. I think you should jump into the playdate pool and see what happens. How can she not like you?!

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