The milestones that really matter.

The first time they can replace their own pacifier in the middle of the night. (for Z: somewhere around 7 months.)

The first time they can walk without constant supervision/advanced impalement prevention tactics. (approximately 15 months.)

The first time they feed themselves without throwing anything from the highchair or getting food in their hair. (last month.)

The first word they say that you didn't know they knew. (yesterday. "hydrant".)

The first tooth that comes in without being heralded by horrendous behavior/noxious illness/flood-like drooling. (3 months ago.)

The first time they can -and do- follow an instruction, HAPPILY. (16 months. and then... not so much.)

The first time you can in good conscience leave your toddler on your bed, in your room, and KNOW that she can and will get herself down safely. (a few weeks ago.)

The first song they sing. (2 months ago. "Ring Around the Rosie".)

The first time you're pretty sure they said "I love you, too". (tonight. 7:58 pm.)


Erica said...

I bet that felt AMAZING!!

grammalouie said...

Ah, another moment when tears stinged my eyes.
It's so great you're keeping track of all these milestones.
That last one, wow, that is the one, that is the one.

grammalouie said...

Omigod, it's STUNG!

Not stinged.

Either way, you get the idea. (I was blinded by my tears).

My Buddy Mimi said...

Great list! I completely agree.

miyoko said...

yeah the 'i love yous' that aren't prompted are amaaaazing. and the words that you didn't knowingly teach them ('sorry about that', 'oh jeez', 'oh god') are the best.

unfortunately when second molars come in, (yep phoebe's got hers early) it's a drooling/snot/crying/nightwaking nightmare. It's been 2 weeks and counting of nose wiping and tylenol at 3AM.


desperate housewife said...

Oh, that's awesome! I still remember that one. Eli started giving real kisses a few months ago, and that was such an amazing feeling, too.
Next anticipated milestone: pooping in the toilet. PLEASE LORD.

Marie Green said...

Ohhh, that last one gave me a little shiver.

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